Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Than You Care to Know...

There is no rhyme or reason for the wide variety of things that turn me on.  One look no further than the list of links down the right side of the page to see that I'm into both men and women, swapping, older people, married cheaters, dicks, shemales, erotic stories and discussions, bi, straight, gay, I mean, I'm all over the road.  You would think that I would be wanting to have sex several times a day if you realized that with a few clicks of the mouse I can have a full blown erection.  On the other hand, I can sit and read the lurid details of several bloggers I follow, be totally fascinated and enjoy what I am reading, but have no physical reaction.  I can also see my wife's huge tits and have no reaction at all, yet if she were to agree to take a picture of them and send them to a friend,  I'd be rock hard, instantly.

Leather and bondage don't really do anything for me, though admittedly, I find some pictures of women dominating men to be interesting.  While I am opposed to humiliation in general, there is something entertaining about the image of a two or three ladies sitting on the couch giggling at a husband's less than massive penis.  I am also turned on by images of a husband standing next to a wife and her lover where the husband's dick is a lot smaller in comparison.  Okay, so maybe there is something to humiliation.  Maybe what I mean is, I don't like it when the humiliation is mean spirited.  In spite of what some ads say, I don't think there is anything you can do about the size of your dick.  So in a good way, it would be hot to have the wife really thrilled that she is about to enjoy a bigger dick than normal, but it would suck if the wife said, "you are not a real man because  of something you have no control over." 

I can totally see how it might be cute to pee on someone or be peed on, say if you were in a shower together, but in general, that sort of thing is not for me.  I do like to watch other people pee though.  There is something naughty about a lady lifting her skirt and peeing in a field.

Men in stockings or female panties, yes.  Men who do not have the body to pull it off, no!

Men with vibes or dildoes in their ass, yes! Women with bowling pins shoved up anywhere, no!

Professional models in porn, no thanks.  Amateurs, yes.  People I might know, even better!  One of the pages I check out is called More Ordinary People.  It is just average men posing nude.  There is a guy laying on a bed with his huge erect penis standing straight up.  They say that everyone has a doppelganger; either this guy is one of my co-workers or there is a picture of his exact match.  I have admired the huge bulge in this man's pants for a few years now (discreetly, of course), but it was the face in this photo that is so exactly similar.

The cream pie.  There are so few good images or videos where you see one man cum in a woman only to have a second man (presumably her husband) go down on her immediately afterward to enjoy the cream pie.  As fascinated as I am by this idea, I have never technically done it - like that anyway.  Images of a woman with "evidence" is just a huge turn on.  Cuckolds and Hotwife lovers everywhere seem to be attracted to this concept of taking back their wife by cleaning up the mess left by her lover.  To me, the turn on is tied directly (I think) to my entire turn-on of cheating.  I am totally, completely turned on by women who stray. Soccer mom's fucking the UPS guy?  Love it!  Wife fucking a co-worker at lunch?  Details, please!  Convenience store clerk dropping her jeans in the walk-in cooler while the beer delivery guy nails her from behind?  Especially if her wedding ring is visible! 

This also ties into panties.  I confess that on more than one occasion (just a few times really) I availed myself to a dirty clothes hamper to inspect deposited specimens. My sister-in-law (twice) and a co-worker (once). That musky female odor is intoxicating.  But like the cream pie, I also enjoy images of panties that show evidence of a recent male deposit.  I briefly dated a girl who was really turned on by having sex (with me) and then going to work without showering.  She said she loved the sensation of all the juices dripping out during the day.  I guess I didn't appreciate that back then; I thought it was sort of gross.  Now, I am turned on by the idea of a female co-worker coming to me and slipping down her panties to reveal the evidence of a lunch time tryst.  In fact, on more than one occasion, I have imagined a cheating wife coming to my office and allowing me to go down on her to clean things up so her husband won't find the evidence of her infidelity.

I suspect there is some psychoanalysis that could take place from all these conflicting turn-ons.  1st, I think I'm turning gayer by the day.  I crave sucking another man's dick. 2nd,  I totally get off on cheating wives, even when it is my own wife.  3rd, I am more interested in the visual of other people having sex than I am of me, myself having sex.  What a mess!

Anyone care to take a stab at my dysfunction?

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