Thursday, June 9, 2011

The First Neighbor...

This is a repeat of sorts - I had written about the first time a took a dick in my mouth back when I started this blog, but over the course of time have deleted many of the the original posts. I have had off and on correspondence over the years with this guy, and we have even tried to arrange for some MFM action with no luck so far. He reads and occasionally leaves comments.


The first time I got the nerve to ask another guy about it was when a neighbor and lifelong family friend of my wife's brought his family over for a BBQ. I knew the guy really well, and he was just a few years younger. I was probably 26, he was 23. After eating and enjoying the day as well as lots of beer, the ladies had gone in the house with the kids to watch movies and the friend and I played darts out on the back patio and continued to drink.

I guess I had been thinking about it for some time and with enough liquid courage built up, I proposed that the loser of the next game should have to suck the winners' dick. He didn't even bat an eyelash at the suggestion and agreed. I was sort of shocked that he agreed, but figured I would push the envelope, and I purposely lost the game. He then said it was cool, and that I didn't really have to suck him - unless I wanted to. Before I could argue, he said "Let's do two out of three". This time, as hard as I tried to lose, he lost. It was like some sort of way telling each other that we both wanted to do it. I lost the third game and again, he said it was only a joke - unless I wanted to, and I said, "No, fair is fair."

We went out to a shed I had in my yard - more like a barn, big with electricity and A/C. It was really nerve wracking and we were both shaking really bad. I asked to see his dick and when he pulled it out, I saw for the first time that it was bigger than mine and uncut. I really wanted it. I then pulled out my dick and he touched it. The last time I had been in a situation like this, showing and touching dicks was when I was an early teen. But this time, I knew there would be more than just daring one another to touch.

In spite of the calm that a good beer buzz brings, we were both obviously nervous. I kept looking out the double doors of the shed back to the house to make sure nobody was coming. Finally, he said, "We don't really have to do this." I quickly responded, "I HAVE to do this."

With that, I dropped down and took his dick in my mouth. What I remember most was the musky smell of the pubic hair, it wasn't bad; it was incredible. That very first feel of an actual dick in my mouth - not a banana or a hot dog used as a prop to imagine what it would be like, was very similar to the sensation I got the first time my dick found it's way into a willing female. You can imagine with your hand how a warm and moist an inviting pussy will feel, but until you feel it the first time, you really have no idea. This was like losing my oral virginity! I sucked for a few seconds and then stood up. I just said, "You don't know how long I have waited to do that." He just sort of nodded and then asked if he could do it. I pulled my dick out again, rock hard, and he took me in his mouth.

During the early years of our marriage, my wife was not big on giving head and to have anyone sucking on my cock felt so good. The fact that I was doing this with a guy was a culmination of fantasies and desire that I had been putting off since probably the age of 12 or 13. In the end, we traded places three or four times, but between the nerves, beer and inexperience, neither of us were able to make the other cum.

Of course, in real time, it had only been about 15 minutes or so, and when we heard something outside the shed, it was my wife coming out to see what we were doing. We both separated, zipped-up and as she opened the door asking what we were doing, I quickly told her I was showing him our new lawn mower. She had a very suspicious look on her face when she responded with a doubtful, "Okay."

He and I did try a few things a few more times over the next several months but never with any success of cumming for either of us. Never enough time and always too nervous. He ended up moving (he was in the Army) and I haven't seen him in years.
And this is a picture of the first dick I ever sucked. Regular commenter Pancho was the guy and he has been treating me to a few great shots for my personal JO pleasure. He agreed to let me share with readers here. His dick still looks delicious 20 years later.

During one of our drunken attempts at bisexuality, Pancho tried to shove that big thing up my only slightly lubed hole. Let's just say that was another unsuccessful attempt. Someday, I'd love to try again.


Anonymous said...

That is a great post. I really enjoy keeping an eye on your blog.

41 yr old married man from Colorado

JFBreak said...

Thanks for your comment and for keeping an eye on things! Are you married and curious? Share with the group, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Be careful, flattery might get you everywhere...


JFBreak said...

Yay, flattery!

Anonymous said...

Yes curious. Had some HS experimentation but nothing since.