Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obsessed With Infidelity...

I my last post, A Decent Proposal, I wrote about my friend Pancho sending  a note to my wife inviting her to spend the weekend in another city.  I know that stuff like this happens and in many cases the wives are able to go and enjoy a fun time while the husband waits at home excitedly for details of the tryst - and hopefully full motion pictures!  It is hard enough for me to explain why this scenario turns me on if my wife is the one involved involved.  It is even harder for me to explain to myself, why I am turned on by another guy's wife taking a little trip of this nature.

I am so turned on by the theory of infidelity, especially of women getting action on the side, which probably explains my interest in cuckold and hotwife blogs as well as the many adulteress female blogs I follow, and the interest I have in the 48 Hours-like mystery/documentary shows that involve infidelity.

Years ago in San Antonio,  I used to listen to a morning radio show hosted by Drex (he later moved on to Chicago and I have no idea where he is now) where he mostly took calls on topics related to sex.  One morning, I recall listening to a young female caller who explained that her husband worked the night shift and she had been routinely having a friend of the husbands come over and sleep with her.  The guy would then slip out and walk back down the street to his own home.  The caller explained that the guy came for a booty call early one morning and they were interrupted to the sound of the husband coming home from work early. The sex was done, and the fuck buddy easily slipped out of the house before the husband walked in the front door, but there was no way for the woman to get cleaned up, so she simply pretended to be asleep.

I often questioned in my mind the next part of the story, but the caller says that she had been pissed off at her husband for some reason and that when he slipped into bed and began pawing at her for sex, she simply removed her panties and pushed his head down to her lower regions - which of course is where Drex had to basically cut her off in order to keep the call within FCC standards!

Drex and his co-hosts were all making the sounds people would make of Eewwww and that's gross and such, but I just remember being so turned on wishing that I could hear more details of what happened when the husband began to perform oral on his wife's recently filled pussy.  These are details I need!

We are just now watching the first season of Mad Men, and as much of a stud that Don Draper is, and who wouldn't envy his social skills for lack of a better term, I was specifically interested in the young ad exec who just got married and he asks his new bride to see her old flame to ask for a favor.  We haven't finished the entire season yet, so I don't know how that plays out, but it is almost as if the young husband is prompting his bride to fuck the old boyfriend.  It may not end that way, but you can imagine where my mind wanders.

In many of the blogs I follow where the wife describes her encounters with other men, I want so badly to know more about how the husband may have reacted to the situation afterward.  This voyeuristic urge to know if the husband suspects anything or if he may have found a clue but the wife was able to cover with a lie.  Or in the cases where the husband approves, how he reacted when the cheating wife shared details of the encounter with him.

I simply have no explanation for my desire to know the details of other people having sex or the sneaky ways they go about getting it.  Any thoughts or opinions?


Anonymous said...

I have no formal training on these matters, but I read a lot, and there are various theories like "Sperm Competition" and "danger sex" for why you would find adultery -- or, I dunno, adultery with approval? -- exciting. Those involved in cuckold/hotwife relationships might have researched the causes for their enjoyment better and have more insight.

Personally, adultery as a concept is a turn-off for me. Perhaps ironically, prior to my relationship with SwingBot, I used to cheat pretty often. While did not constantly cheat all the time, I think that I cheated on everyone I dated at least once, with the exception of somebody who was my cheating partner. Wow... I never actually realized that, but I think that it is true. Geez...

Anyway, I prefer sharing, if not everyone involved simultaneously in one gang bang, at least everyone aware of each other. While open relationships certainly suffer their own problems, the potential for problems from getting caught in cheating (or even problems when not caught) strike me as worse and more relationship-threatening. But those risks from cheating can provide an adrenaline rush that may sweeten the act for you, even on a voyeuristic level.

Anonymous said...

You and my husband would get along fantastically. He loves it. I have no idea why and I have stopped trying to figure it out. I just know that I get to have my cake and eat it too.

JFBreak said...

@WBW: I think for me it is mostly about the voyeuristic details. If all I know is that one partner simply hurt the other and it was the result of cheating, obviously, there is no turn on value. But if I can set that aside (which obviously, many spouses can't) I am intrigued by even the logistics of how the affair occurs - how do the cheaters hide the romance, where do they meet, which friends know and cover?

@IW:You and my husband would get along fantastically. He loves it.

And when will he start a blog of his own?

Anonymous said...

i myself was outed recently wife knew i was bisexual but my daughters friend saw a picture of me on a bi website ..i was sitting and i had an erection ..and this is how my family got to know..