Monday, December 12, 2011

The Perfect CL Ad...

I occasionally browse through the Craig's List ads for my area with more interest in finding wierd or humorous ads then actually finding someone that I would dare respond to.  This morning I saw one that really interested me.

wife wants to watch - m4m - 30 (lackland)

Date: 2011-12-12, 12:49AM CST
Reply to:

heavy set first timer looking to experiance a man down 4 whatever. will host no pushy people wife may join im not a hottie 


This is a situation that I would love to be involved with.  The idea of the wife watching her husband engage in MM sex, even if it was very limited is a huge turn on.  I have often thought about my friend Rob and his beautiful wife.  How I would have loved to have her sit back on the couch and watch us play together, knowing in the back of my mind that I would want her to join in at some point.  I did eventually get to blow him, but she was not home at the time.

I sure hope this couple finds the right guy to make their fantasy come true.  I'd volunteer but I suspect I'm a little older than what they have in mind.


Anonymous said...

You should reply. Ya never know what might happen! Ben replied to an ad I had. He wasn't exactly what I was seeking, but he fits my life very well now.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a sexual fantasy! Hot! Hot! Hot! That would be such a huge turn on to see my DH playing with being played with and more??? Can;t hope for something like this to happen! My fingers are crossed! What a turn on.

JFBreak said...

I did actually reply to the add and sent them a link to the blog. No response, but who knows, maybe they will read it one day.