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Repost: An Old Friend...

This is another repost from 2008.

For me, going back and reading - just the words I use - I can see how my state of acceptance of my own sexuality has changed over the years. I probably should have posted this first, then posted Sunday Football, just so they would be in order. Either way, hope you enjoy.


I have been hesitant about posting anything related to this since it first happened a few months ago - about the time I started writing in this blog. I'm not sure why given the fact that I have confessed so much other detailed descriptions of my encounters. But this is a little different in that it is part of an ongoing "relationship" if you will.

I have mentioned before that I served in the military hence my seeming obsession with the Gays in the military issue (I used to be against it even though I was Bi, now I'm for it because I have thought it out). Anyway, as you might imagine people in the military move around and over time, you meet people who had none other people you know from previous assignments and sometimes, the friendship is immediate simply because you both know a lot of things about the other, and things just click. This is what happened with a guy I'll simply refer to as Bob. No significance to the name - I can call him Jack or Joe or whatever.

As I get more into the blog and more about the encounters my wife have enjoyed with other guys joining us for MFM, you'll learn about another guy named JD. JD is the mutual friend both Bob and I have. Oh, and JD has fucked my wife more times than I can count. But more of him later.

So back to present day, it turns out that Bob and his wife (who is so incredibly gorgeous I find myself getting tongue-tied just talking to her) moved back to town after spending several years working in another city. So for those you you needing a score card to keep track:

  • Bob - Friend and former co-worker while I was in the military - now we both work on the same campus but for different companies and enjoy lunch together once in a while.
  • Bob's wife - Incredibly gorgeous woman who I knew even before I knew Bob.
  • JD - Former co-worker and friend who used to routinely fuck my wife. He has a huge dick and knows how to use it!

Okay, so Bob and I kind of renewed our friendship once we started working a few buildings apart from one another and of course, as friends do on occasion send one another porn pictures of women who look like people we know. Doesn't everyone do that? And during the course of our lunches, we would always end up talking about sex, and mostly intimate details of encounters with others. So now that I have set the stage, the following is a cut and paste from an e-mail I sent to my e-mail confidante, a Gay man but more importantly, a truly insightful and caring man who occasionally comments on this Blog and has helped me learn a lot about myself.


It was my turn to drive so my plan all morning had been to pick my friend up and when he opened the door, he would see me sitting there with my dick at attention, exposed for his view. I had thought to even throw an old t-shirt in the van just in case we needed clean-up action. But, as I drove through the parking lot, I was just too nervous to get hard.

We drove to lunch, had some Mexican food and never brought up any of the "homo" stuff. As we were walking out of the restaurant, I lightly said, "Well, we can get in the van and play with our wieners." and he just laughed.

I should provide a little background. My friend and I have known one another for years - we had worked together before and we also had several mutual friends. One of his closest friends had enjoyed the company of my wife and I years earlier when we "played". He knew many details of these MFM encounters and over the years, I had enjoyed telling him details. I probably enjoyed it more than he did. Of course, it was a two way street. He had shared intimate stories of his encounters that included him and his wife or old girlfriends, sometimes others.

In recent months, I had gotten the nerve to share a detail of my encounters that I had left out before - that I had sometimes engaged in various MM play during the threesome with my wife and our mutual friend. After all these years, it was a relief to know that he was not completely disgusted with my confession. I didn't need acceptance so much as just being able to be up front about it. As a way of showing he was okay with it, he confided that he had almost had an encounter years earlier, and always wished he had gone through with it.

These revelations led to me sharing with him several stories of my encounters and my enjoyment in masturbation during driving. I would learn later that he had also relieved himself on long drives more than once. So with this all in the open, I felt like he might enjoy a little stroke time during our drive after lunch.

Once in the van he said, he wasn't hard, so there would be nothing to play with, but since the topic had been brought up again, I started quizzing him about his almost encounter. He answered one or two questions and suddenly, I noticed him shifting in his seat. That did the trick and the next thing I know he says, "Well, if we were to play with our wieners, wherewould we do it?"

With that, I changed lanes and turned away from work. We drove through an older neighborhood, but nothing looked like a good place to stop. I pulled my dick out of my pants and he said, "Just like that? - you aren't worried?" and I told him that unless we were driving by a big truck or a tall building, no one would notice. Then he asked if I had napkins or something. I pulled the old t-shirt from the back of the seat and handed it to him. He just laughed.

I have seen his dick many times before - we used to shower together at the gym years ago. But I had never seen him hard. At first it looked very thick, but not long or any longer than mine anyway. His balls were shaved, and nice. I understood that he was not looking for an encounter with me but I was open for anything he was willing to try.

I could tell he was very nervous though. And that made me nervous.

I asked him if I could touch his dick and he said no - he laughed and said he didn't want me to wreck. But then, when I stopped at a stop sign, he said to go ahead. It felt good but I would have preferred to have not been in the vehicle.

As I drove, he continued to stroke and I would watch when I could. Finally we found a place to stop away from houses and where we could see traffic in either direction. I put on my flashers as though we might be making a call or something.

I wanted to suck him so bad but again, he was too nervous. I stroked him again for a minute but I was feeling really uncomfortable about the place. Then I asked him if I could go down on him. He said it would look pretty obvious if someone drove by, but I think it was the nerves or perhaps, he just isn't ready for that. It is a big step going from imagining an encounter with another guy to actually participating in it. I had been there and I didn't want to press.

Then, he began to stroke pretty fast and started to move the shirt in place. I stroked myself as I watched him make himself cum. His cum was white and thick and I wanted to taste it so bad. I thought about reaching over and taking some with my finger and tasting it just to see his reaction, but he used the shirt to wipe it clean. It was best that I didn't push any more.

I could see that sudden twinge of guilt coming over him and I put my dick back in my pants and turned off the flashers. He asked me if I was going to finish and I told him I was just too nervous, which was the truth.

We made our way out of the neighborhood and I told him that it wasn't a good place. I asked him if he'd like to touch my dick just to say he had done it, but he said, "maybe another time."

We were only a minute from work and by the time I dropped him off, I could hardly wait to get a hold of the shirt he had left his jizz in. I got to the parking lot in front of my building and I found the spot on the shirt where he came. It was already clear, but still damp. I placed my finger on it and took a taste. Yep, tastes like cum. I then sniffed the shirt several times - I can't explain my fascination with that almost bleachy smell, but it was intoxicating knowing I was inhaling my friends cum. I then had to compose myself before going back into the office. I thought of heading straight to the men's room and jacking, but by the time I got in, I chose not to.

After work, I got in the van and immediately found the t-shirt, now almost crusty from drying in the heat, yet the scent was still there. I was immediately hard again and knew I wouldn't make it home without relieving myself. I smelled the shirt and his stain at least five more times before finally pulling my dick out and stroking myself into the same shirt that he had used hours earlier.

I had an empty plastic bag in the van and I placed the shirt in it and continued to drive. I then started to feel awkward about the whole thing - wondering if it wasn't nerves that made him not want to do more, but if it was just that he wasn't interested in me. I also felt pretty weird about smelling a shirt that had been used as a cum rag by a friend - guilt I felt once sniffing a sister-in-laws panties once when the opportunity presented itself. But I got over it.

I had to stop at Home Depot on the way home so I deposited the bag full of DNA into a trash can there. I couldn't help but imagine some unsuspecting guy looking through the trash for a rag to use.

And that was that.

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Anonymous said...

I have read these stories before and love them the first time. I wish I knew you when I lived in San Antonio. I think we might have hit it off as suck buddies. :)