Monday, September 24, 2012

Travel Store Wanker?

My wife and I were driving home from a short trip over the weekend last night when we pulled into one of those travel stops - a Flying J, I think in Jarrold, TX. I walked into the men's room and could see a pair of blue shoes and some running shorts down at the ankles in the stall closest to the urinal as I walked up. As I stood there ready to unleash a much needed piss, I noticed the shadow down at the floor moving.

What? At first, I thought perhaps I was seeing the shadow of a guy pulling out some toilet paper from the roll. I looked back at my own urinal but the movement caught my attention again. This was no toilet paper motion. The guy was jacking off. Okay, whatever. It isn't like I haven't ever whacked it in a public restroom.

But then the sounds started. The guy was really getting into it and he was beating it hard! I stood there for at least a minute and a half waiting for him to cum because, as much noise as he was making, he had to be close.

Then, another guy walked in and took the urinal next to mine. The whacking continued without hesitation. Who does this? The man next to me pee'd in about 13 seconds and was washing his hands when I gave up and decided to leave the show. After washing my hands and lingering by the sink for another half a minute, I finally walked out the door.

In the hallway, I loitered looking at pictures on the wall with my wife for a few more minutes. At this point, I just had to see who it was. Eventually, the young man came out - I knew it was him by his blue shoes and guilty look. He was probably 20 or 21 just needing to relieve a little stress before getting back on the road. Didn't even stop to buy a soda or some lotion.

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Mrs. M said...

How come I never walk into a woman's restroom and find the same shenanigans going on? I feel like I'm being left out of all the fun! Btw, hope ya had a good trip. ;-)