Friday, October 5, 2012

The Walker...

My one and only encounter with someone I met off of Craig's List occurred years ago.  I've enjoyed CL for years, like most people for the entertainment value, not so much as a place to find a date.  I'm just too worried about whackos and STDs.In this case, I recognized the neighborhood and my actual reason for responding to the ad was the hopes of developing an e-mail relationship with a like-minded guy, and perhaps someday, meet for a beer.  We did e-mail for a while and eventually, we actually met.

The gist of it was, this guy was divorced and now, he intended to act on his lifelong interest in bisexuality.  Not wanting to hit the club scene, he just wanted guys to come by his house and do whatever, then leave.  I was open to the idea, though very hesitant of course, given he lived just several blocks from my house.

I would walk most days after work for exercise  and once I knew where his house was, I began working his cul de sac into my routine. And eventually, we agreed that if he ever saw me out walking, we might at least try something.  That is where this e-mail to my friend Rooster in 2007 picks up...


As I walked up the street, I could see his house with one of the garage doors open and the front door open, so I knew he was home.  I made my turn around the end of the cul de sac and as I approached his house again, I could see the sprinkler was now on.  Then I saw him standing on the porch.  He nodded at me and I nodded back.  I was wearing headphones so I took them off and said Howdy as I continued to walk.  It was weird because I knew that if one of us didn't say something, I'd just keep walking by.

I stopped and said, "You have a very nice yard" and he took the cue and responded that he had been working on it or something.  He asked what I have been up to and I told him just out walking.  Then, he asked if I'd like something to drink before I continue.  Brilliant!

So I walked to his door and we shook hands and he invited me in.  By this time, it seemed like a blur.  I asked him if he was expecting anyone to come home and he said no, and then I told him I only had a few minutes.   We walked into his living room and he asked me what I was into.  Honestly, I felt like my mind just wasn't working a full 100% because I was so nervous.  I started to say something and he reached for my dick through my sweat pants.

At this point with us both standing there and him grabbing my dick, I started looking around.  His blinds were open and I could see out into his back yard and the neighbors yards around him.  He stepped away and closed the blinds and said not to worry.

I pulled my sweats down a little and asked if I could see his dick.  Talk about different.  My dick was still sort of shriveled up from walking and it looked like 2 inches long compared to his.  In his e-mail, he said he had about 7 or 7 1/2.  All I know is it was brown and big.  His balls were actually pretty small though.  With both our dicks out, he went for my balls and was really playing with them I guess hoping to make me hard.  As I stroked his cut dick, he was getting hard pretty quick.  We did this little tug of war for maybe a minute then I asked him if I could taste him.  He just said sure, whatever I wanted to do.

Back to his description:  This is not a handsome guy.  He is Hispanic, about 5'9", heavy but not hugely obese.  I mean, you wouldn't want to see him in a speedo, but I was not put off by the appearance - especially with that dick staring at me.  He had his pubes trimmed very short.

I sat down on his couch and pulled his dick into my mouth.  After a quick suck, I told him that it had been so long since I had done this.  Then I went to town.  I had my hand on the base of his dick and proceeded to suck him with my head bopping back and forth.  He commented that it may have been a while but I knew what I was doing.  I was surprised at how happy I was to hear that.

I tried to take the full length of his dick into my mouth, but it was just too long.  He continued to mumble some words which I could barely hear.  "suck it, baby" and "oh you are so good" come to mind.  I stopped and stroked him a little then asked if he wanted to taste me.  I sat back on the couch and he took a knee and took my considerably smaller but now hard dick in his mouth.  I actually apologized for my dick being so small compared to his, but he just told me it was a great dick.  It felt good to have another guy suck me, but I wanted to make him cum.

I asked him to let me work on him so he pulled his shorts down to his knees and lifted his shirt up, and laid himself down on the carpet.  Before going down again, I looked at his body and realized that, if I were looking at a picture of him on the Internet, I would never consider meeting him, but now that I was there, I was only interested in his dick.

Again, I tried to take him all the way to the base but it was too much.  I didn't gag or anything.  I was very conscious of the fact that I didn't want to bite him but I did want him to feel me working him.  He moaned and whispered encouragement, which honestly, I enjoyed.

I took a break and started stroking him with my left hand and stroking myself with my right hand.  He then took a hold of his dick and stroked while watching me stroke myself.  Finally, he said he was about to cum so I went down on him again and within a minute, I could taste his cum.

I continued sucking him and he just let out a really long sigh of relief.  In my mind, I was wondering if the taste was going to suddenly get bad, but it was fine.  I kept him in my mouth for at least 30-40 seconds as his dick began to deflate.  When I let go of him he grabbed his dick to try to milk out the last few drops.  I small white glob of cum was at the tip of his dick so I went down again and took one or two more sucks to get it all.  I love when I see women in porno movies do that.

He commented that I was so good at it.  I sat their on my knees with him laying there and my first thought was that I wanted to cum on his stomach but thought he might not want that.  I asked if he had a towel or something and he jumped up and grabbed a wash cloth.  It was dark blue and he sat on the couch watching me jack off until I came into the cloth.  He kept saying "oh yea" and such.  When I finished he asked me if I wanted water and I said yes - followed him into the kitchen and he gave me a bottle.

He offered that anytime I want to walk by, I was welcome to stop in but if I didn't have time or wasn't up to it, no hard feelings.  That as cool.  I asked him if any other guys had met up with him and he said that was another married guy from the neighborhood who had stopped by to blow him.

We shook hands and I left with the bottle of water and before I could get three or four houses down from him, I started having a really weird emotional-panic attack of sorts.  I took several swigs of water and started to gargle and spit out the water.  It wasn't that the cum was bad, it was that I suddenly had this feeling of, "I just had a stranger's dick in my mouth, and now I'm going to get an STD."  for the next several streets, I used the water to try to force up the cum and spit it, while not appearing to do anything odd looking to cars that drove by or people I might pass.  It was bizarre, but it is a feeling I have had afterward.

When I got home, my wife was at the store so I went up stairs and brushed my teeth, washed my face and balls and dick.  I know this sounds crazy, but I was suddenly acutely aware of the smell of the other guy.  It wasn't bad, it was just that it was another guy's smell.  By the time my wife got home a few minutes later, I was okay.

I never did go back for more though we did e-mail several more times before the interest in our conversation drifted away.


Anonymous said...

Wow that's pretty intense. You're a very good writer.

JFBreak said...

Thank you. Re-reading it certainly brought back some vivid memories.

Cravin said...

Awesome. Trying to cool down now.