Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Extra Tips For The Bartender...

We don't do bars or clubs all that much, but back in the day there was this one place about a mile from our old house that we stopped in on the rare occasion for a beer.  Oh the stories I could tell.  Anyway, one day I stopped in with my brother-in-law for a quick beer and we sat at the bar as opposed to one of the tables in the seating area.  We noticed that this man on the other end of the long bar threw a dollar bill on the ground instead of putting it in the tip jar. How rude, I thought.

The bartender was a reasonably attractive MILF, easily in her mid thirties or possibly early forties - my type for sure - and she was wearing a skirt that was probably too short for body type.  I like that in a woman.  Anyway, she looks around and doesn't necessarily see my brother-in-law and I taking notice and places herself between the customer and the dollar bill on the ground.  She then proceeds to bend over and slowly take her time picking up the dollar bill, basically showing her ass to the customer for a buck.

Forget how this act might be considered degrading to women everywhere; this woman had her own strip-show going in a regular neighborhood bar.  Pure entrepreneurial genius.

We left before the real show started, but you can just imagine the sudden fantasies I was having about my wife becoming a bartender!

Guys, have you ever seen this is a regular bar (not a strip club)?  Ladies, is this just too tacky or an easy way to build the tips?


FreakyV said...

Tacky to do it for 1 dollar!!, but for a few dollars more, I would be game!

JFBreak said...

@FV: I would be game!

I like that about you!