Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Pictures...

I got an Instant Message from Rick this morning as my wife lounged in bed feeling a bit under the weather.  He told me he was about to hook up with a chick that looked just like the conservative Fox News commentator, Michelle Malkin.  I asked for pictures, nude, of course.  Aside from being some form of Asian (I think Ms. Malkin is actually Vietnamese), this lady had little to no resemblance at all.  But she did have big fake tits, and who doesn't like that?

For the next hour, we chatted back and forth with Rick sending me photos of his girlfriend, who was at work, and any number of hook-ups he has had over the last year.  Those pictures aren't important and no, not gonna post them, but I found that his willingness to open up about his need to hook-up even though he has a nice looking lady at home caused me to feel the urge to talk about our past.  Our past being, him fucking my wife.

I asked how he felt about the idea of, if she would ever consent, doing it again.   He paused a bit before responding and then said, something like, I couldn't do that to a friend like you.  I pointed out, the condition would be that I was also cool with it.  I think this caught him off guard - it was obvious that he was thinking my question was centered on him fucking her alone, behind my back.  He responded by sending me a picture of a lady with large floppy tits who had given him a BJ a few months ago.  "Dude," I shot back, "are you changing the subject?" 

I realize that I am not alone, but I am certainly a rare breed, the kind of guy who can get off on this topic.  There are married guys who might stumble upon this blog - perhaps trying to get their Michelle Malkin fix (those nude pictures of her are all fakes, guys),  and are horrified to learn that there are married men who would gladly watch their wife fuck another guy.  Welcome to the Internet!

But in a way, isn't Rick just a little like me?  He didn't offer to let me fuck his live-in girlfriend, but he had to have some sense of satisfaction in showing off her nude pictures to me and reading my complimentary remarks about her ass.  Aren't all men at least slightly turned on by the interest other men show in their wives?  Even a little, even if only in a macho, "she's all mine" sort of way?


I have been corresponding with a reader who is moving to my area and asked about places to live.  After the post about sending nekkid pictures, he included a few happy-snaps of he and his partner, in action.  No, not gonna post those here, either.  All I can say is, as turned on as I got chatting with Rick and his hook-ups (and some of the pictures), seeing what this guy sent made me realize, it has been way too long since I had a penis in my mouth.*

*And now all those guys who found this post looking for Michelle Malkin pictures are really freaking out!


Frisky Couple said...

Speaking of the Vietnamese, I've heard that despite the myth, they have pretty big cocks that might satiate your thirst (more freaking out). Oh, and hey, I happen to be Vietnamese. What'd ya know? I'm just saying... ;-)

JFBreak said...

You won't find me shying away. By the way, I had a friend in 7th grade who was an immigrant following the war. In gym class we would all shower together and Tran had no need to be shy. I guess he represented well!