Friday, December 28, 2012

Sending Nekkid Pictures...

My friend and colleague Rick sent me pictures of a few different women he has been meeting for coffee, either early morning before work or in the late afternoon while his live-in girlfriend is still at work.  I'm surprised that so many women just randomly send nude pics to this guy after only chatting with him briefly.   By the way, ladies who send me nude pics (and you know who you are), this is not anything negative about you or the women my friend gets his nekkid pictures from.

I guess it has become so common that there just isn't a whole lot of stigma associated with it like maybe it was even 5 years ago.  I mean, my wife has sent pictures of her boobs to any number of guys, some she has told me about, some I'm sure she hasn't.  At first, she wouldn't send any with her face in the picture, but I guess even that is no longer an issue for her.

The Internet is loaded with women who thought they were sending a picture to their boyfriend (or a co-worker or a husband) only to have the recipient forward it to his friends.  For the record, though I have shared pictures of my wife with one or two guys that we ended up having sex with (or thought we would), I haven't shared any that someone e-mailed me for my own personal enjoyment, but I tend to be that kind of guy.  I've said it before, these are the pictures I live for.  Someones chat partner or someones trusting wife gets a picture of her in her natural beauty, flaws and all, and then he either e-mails it to friends or posts it on the Internet.  Everything about it is a violation of trust, yet, I think that is why I am so turned on by it.  I am such a voyeur.  No airbrushing to cover imperfection, just natural, beauty and the occasional beast.

I asked Rick today why he sent me pictures of the ladies he was meeting for naughty blow jobs before work but not pictures of his girlfriend.  He thought about it for a second and just said, I think I have a few she has sent me.  We'll see if they are forthcoming.

Ladies, how likely are you to send a guy a naughty picture from your phone or e-mail?  Guys, how likely are you to show those naughty pics to your friends?  And it goes without saying, since I tend to like all the sexes, feel free to send me your pictures - guys or gals - I won't post them here (unless you want me to) or share them.


Matt Harvath said...

It is a sign of the times. We probably get a couple of pics a week sent to us here at the blog. women wanting their pics published. I guess they get a thrill out of it and many don't think anyone they know will be reading our blog. Now if this would have started about 20 years ago!

JFBreak said...

Matt, I think that is the key for many. They figure, hell, if someone I know is reading this blog, then they won't be shocked by seeing my tits. I say bravo!

Mrs. M said...

Due to my new career and my past with psycho men I am EXTREMELY unlikely to send photos with my face or even my tattoos visible. I recently posted up a picture of my panty-clad ass and my "tramp stamp" is only partially visible, but even still, I have considered taking it down.

I am just super anal about those things, yet I think about stupid shit I have done in the past and wonder if I have videos of me floating around the web. ;)

JFBreak said...

Mrs. M, If you find a link to those videos... well, you know. ;)