Friday, August 30, 2013

Co-Worker Shenanigans...

And I'm not involved.

Co-Worker C and I are always playing the game about who we want to see nude or who we'd do it with.  For well over a year now, we have had a running conversation about a guy I'll refer to here as Co-Worker H.  H is like us, retired military now working for the government, maybe a year or two older than I am.  Four things happened to get us wondering about him.  First, the man has got to have the largest wiener in the world.  When he wears certain slacks, the thing just bulges out as if he has one of those constant semi-erections.  It doesn't point out with the tip going forward, but his dick is hanging down, and it is so big and thick that it bulges.  I don;t care if you are the straightest man on earth, you can't miss that, and you'd have to at least wonder, how big is this guy's dick.

The second thing is, I one time saw a picture on the Internet of a man who looked exactly like this guy, laying nude on a bed while another guy is blowing him.  Since I never save pictures on my computer, I just looked it over and moved on.  But when I went to work and told Co-Worker C about it, he asked to see it and as much as I have searched, I can't seem to find the damn thing again.

The third thing is, a former colleague of ours, a sexy little vixen who used to work for H, told C that H had confessed to being a little Bi-curious during one of their trips.  People shouldn't gossip and share personal information like this, but damn, now I really want to see his wiener!

And finally, there was a series of e-mail exchanges between H and C that were seriously innuendo-laden with things like, oh, I'd do anything for you as opposed to just saying, you're welcome.

And after all this time, it was one of these back and forth e-mail conversations that could have ended when C sent a thank you for some information H sent.  But H started in with the "anything for you" business.  As these e-mails are happening, C is forwarding them to me so I was able to watch from the sidelines.  I didn't hear anything more and thought nothing of it, but on Monday, C came to tell me the news.

Turns out, the exchange got very blunt and the last e-mail from H to C was, "Come to my office and shut the door."  So C went, and when he did, H got up from his desk and as C told me, He attacked me.  They kissed passionately and of course, C immediately started grabbing H's package and he said within seconds, H had dropped to his knees, pulled down C's slacks and began furiously blowing him.  C told me that he was about to cum and made H stop, fearing that if H was not a swallower, there might be an unexplained mess all over H's shirt.

By Wednesday, the two had gone at it again, this time talking in advance about limits and such.  C sucked H but not to completion, but H took C's load like a champ.  I said, there is no way this guy has not done this before, and C confirmed, H has experience.

And the package, you ask?  He said he has really big man balls but the dick is average.  I guess he just puts on a good show!

Needless to say, I need to find that picture that I saw before, but the Internet is so big.

Any crazy sex games going on where you work?  Do tell, won't you?


Sillyone said...

As far as I know, no co-worker shenanigans at my place of employment. It would certainly liven up my day if there were!

About eight years ago, though, (working for the same organization in a different location). A fellow employee quietly lived in the building and used the shower in our lab every day before work, keeping his clothing in his vehicle. None of us knew that he was homeless. He confessed to me that had been living this way for well over a year. Since his wife kicked him out. He couldn't afford child support and alimony and his own rent, so this seemed like a viable solution for him. I didn't tell anyone and left that facility, so who knows? He could still be there...

CuriousRob said...

If there are shenanigans going on, I don't know about them. There's one woman here I'd love to start something with, but I've had zero indication of interest from her. There are a few guys here who might could be interesting, but I'm not in that frame of mind for the time being to actually pursue it.

So are you going to approach H for some shenanigans of your own? Or C even?

JFBreak said...

So are you going to approach H for some shenanigans of your own? Or C even?

Time will tell. I'm open to most things when the time and place is right. I think most people would say that, at work, that is never the time or place. But I have a history of making the best of lulls in the work day.