Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meeting Agenda: BJ...

On Friday, Co-Worker H and I traded a few e-mails indicating that there should be a meeting between us.  I told him that I'd be working in his area during the morning because I had some visitors.  What I didn't realize was that the 20 or 30 minute visit would turn into a full day.  H made several stops by the small office I was in, and I could see the hopefulness on his face - hoping that these jerks would leave so he could see my dick again. Friday was a bust.

Friday night at near midnight, my phone dinged with a text message.  The one time I have my phone in the bedroom with me instead of in the kitchen where I normally leave it overnight, I get a text. It didn't wake my wife but it did scare the shit out of me.  It was H telling me that he was really bummed that we couldn't get together at work that day.  Yikes!  I suppose it was generic enough that had my wife seen it, I could have played it off as a missed meeting, but still; damn.  I waited until Saturday to respond, apologizing for the unexpected stay by my work colleagues visiting the office, and a hope that the next week would provide an opportunity to chat again.

On Monday, I got an e-mail from H, "You are not allowed to leave work today until we have a meeting!"  It was in jest, but he was serious.  The man needs dick!

I had come from a meeting off base and was still in my jacket (we had a serious cold-front move in this week) when I saw H in the hallway.  We had several minutes of work related conversations but toward the end, I could see that look on his face changing from serious work to hopeful sex.  Do you have time for a quick meeting? he asked.

I paused for a second, looked around then said, There's always time for a quick meeting.  I followed him to his office.  As we walked through cubical-land and nodded at co-workers and said hellos and such, he talked of our need to discuss this or that project, all important work-sounding topics, but complete jibber-jabber to put on a front that we were about to engage in serious management once behind the closed door of his office.

Once inside his door, he quietly closed it, then, locked it.  You have a lock on your door?  I whisper-yelled.  Why don't I have a lock?  People bust into my office all the time. 

H smiled at me and took a seat in his chair behind the desk. He rubbed his cock through his pants and asked me if I was feeling up for seeing it.  I said, I was and I stood up to take my jacket off and set it in the seat beside me.  When I stood up, he also got up and walked to where I was standing then immediately dropped to his knees.  Within seconds, he was playing with my balls and sucking my dick like an expert.

It's amazing to me how my mind tries to play all this out.  Instead of standing there and simply enjoying the blow job, I was concerned that my dick was not getting hard enough quick enough.  I mumbled something like, I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous.

His immediate response, Yea, you should be, that's the thrill of doing this.  We could get caught.

He went back to sucking and fondling and simply devouring my dick and balls.  The man is, and I say this with the utmost respect and praise, a first class cocksucker.  I said, You are so much better at this than my wife.

We're men, he said, I think a man knows what a man wants.  Maybe your wife is good at eating pussy.

I had to chuckle in my mind.  Of course, he is right, other than the part about my wife eating pussy.  That ain't happening.

It was so incredible.  I would close my eyes but I wasn't sure what to imagine so I would open them and look at a balding, gray haired man giving me this incredible BJ.  I'm not religious at all, but I said, Oh My God, at least 25 times over the next 3 or 4 minutes.  He asked if I wanted to cum in his mouth but I never responded.  I could feel my legs going weak and I kept moaning and whispering Oh My God.

I'm not sure how long it was but I concluded that I wasn't going to cum.  There was a mental block and though it was so, so good, I mean, it rates up there with top 2 or 3 BJs in my life, but yet, I was simply too nervous to let go.  I think H could sense this.  He stood up and I apologized, I wanted to tell him some excuse, but before  could say anything, he leaned into me and we kissed.  Not the sterile, first time try this as a milestone kiss I had with Co-Worker C, but a passionate, we just had sex kiss.  I have not kissed a woman this way in years.  We kissed passionately for another full minute, both of us grabbing the others ass.

We we broke apart, H returned to his seat and I could see him grabbing for a mint or something.  I may not have cum, but I was letting out pre-cum for sure.  He asked me to unlock the door which I quietly did.  We talked some more.  I said I needed more practice to be comfortable.  He told me that we would have plenty of practice.  He then whipped out his dick.  Flaccid but big.  I jumped up and went down on him and as he began to moan I realized I had already unlocked the door.  That was the end of that.

I left H's office and headed back down to my office.  I was still a little shaky in the legs but it felt spectacular.  No guilt, just a desire to do better next time.

Monday night, my wife rode my dick to several orgasms before I finally released.  Oh My God! she said, satisfied.


monkey girl said...

very hot.

Anonymous said...

Well JB, never a dull moment in your office! Hope there is more where this came from!