Sunday, December 8, 2013

Friday Afternoon BJ...

Earlier in the week, Co-Worker C and I sat in the privacy of an office and took some time to chat.  I told him about getting together with Co-Worker H and asked him if H had mentioned me yet.  No.  Okay, we agreed, H is much more discreet than both C and I.  We share everything it seems.

We talked about our partners - he wanted to know about the things I do with my wife - do I go down on her, do I play with her tits, what is our sexual routine.  It was an uncomfortable thing to tell a gay guy that I rarely go down on my wife and to have him tell me I better get to work!  We talked about his partner and the fact that both of them know that they each do things on the side, but he said it is frustrating because his partner has slowed down in the sex department at home.  This happens to people in middle age.  C's point is, if you can hook-up with several people at work, you ought to save enough to come home and fuck too.  Agreed.

As we talked, I pulled my flaccid dick from my slacks and C giggled.  Your dick is so beautiful; the head is perfectly shaped.  Does [your wife] love it? C asked.

Oh yes, she says the same thing - that it is perfect. I responded as I playfully shook my dick at him.

C got up from his chair and quickly took my dick int his mouth for just a minute before we knew we had to stop.  We both laughed when I stood up and zipped my slacks but my dick was poking from beneath the fabric.  You better fix that, Mister! he giggled.  We waited a few minutes before leaving the office.


On Friday morning I received an e-mail from H. "I hope we can get a chance to chat today."

I forwarded the e-mail to C and asked him if he had received a similar e-mail.  He responded by saying, "You bastard!  He has replaced me with you." 

During the busy work day, H and I crossed paths several times, but in each instance, I was involved in actual work conversations that couldn't just be ignored.  Twice, he gave me a look with his eyes, almost pleading with me to drop what I was doing and visit him.  I gave him the look that says, What can I do?

Around 4 in the afternoon, a lot of people were starting to leave to get the weekend started and I made it back to my office to look at e-mails.  H sent: Come see me.

I looked around, checked phone messages and then said, to myself (Like Cameron in Ferris Beuller), He'll keep calling, and calling...  

When I walked into his office, I did the obligatory, You got a minute to talk about some work related matter routine and shut the door behind me.  I locked it then started to take a seat but H smiled and said, No, right here, motioning tot he edge of his desk.  He rolled his chair back and I began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans (casual Friday).  H grabbed at my jeans and underwear and pulled them down so that he could have access to my dick and balls.

I think ten years ago the thrill of having my dick out at work much less a person eager to blow me would have my dick at full erection in a split second.  There is a mental block though now.  I'm no longer worried about whether my dick is too small, but whether or not I can cum in a reasonable amount of time.  Isn;t that crazy?  With women, you worry about cumming too fast, but in a quickie BJ in the office, you want to cum as quick as possible.  In both cases, the mind begins to work against you.

H is incredible.  As C and I have talked, there is no way this guy is new at this.  He puts porn-queens to shame with his desire to suck, kiss, fondle, lick and play with cock and balls.  The man licked the length of my dick, then grabbed my balls (delicately) and begin kissing, licking and sucking them only to return to my still hardening dick.  As he stroked my penis with two fingers he looked up at me and asked how  want him to react when I cum.  Should he keep my dick in his mouth and just swallow, or if he should stick out his tongue so  I could see my cum in his mouth.  Yea, this is no amateur.

At some point as he worked his magic on me, there was a lot of traffic outside his office door.  Then we could hear someone in the next office talking loudly on a phone.  Geeze.  H said, I'd give anything to lie naked with you so I could really play with you.  Could we make that happen?

I could feel my ability to cum just slipping away.  I'm getting a little nervous here.  There are too many people outside your door.  

H did his best to work my dick.  I even stopped to jack myself for a few seconds and he quickly stuck out his tongue.  Give me your load, I want your hot load on my tongue.

This is all mental, I told myself.  Just cum already.  Another loud bang on a wall somewhere outside the door.

H took me in his mouth again then looked up at me.  An old slutty ( I mean that in a very good way) friend of mine told me she called them crocodile eyes when she would look up at a guy as she blew him.  I stared into his eyes and I could see how much he was loving doing this.  Hell, I prefer to suck rather than be sucked, but this man clearly needs to blow someone more than I do.  I wish I could have pushed a button and made myself cum, but the distractions were just too many.

I'm not gonna cum with all this noise, I said, I'm just too nervous.

We both stood up and kissed for a minute.  For the first time, I realized how much taller he was than me.  Weird.

We both took seats, I opened the door and we tried to have a work related conversation.  H shook like a person with Parkinson's.  He was still so filled with adrenaline.  It was tough to speak.  Finally, we gave up and offered one another a great weekend with promises to do this again.  And we will, of course.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are enjoying this, but H is doing all the pursuing. Have you thought of taking an active role and making "this" (whatever that is) happen?

JFBreak said...

Have you thought of taking an active role and making "this" (whatever that is) happen?

Yes. I think what I really want to do is get Co-Worker C and Co-Worker H together at the same time and orchestrate a session that allows us all to have what we want. C loves receiving head, H loves getting it, and I'm happy to watch and join in where needed. We'll see.