Friday, December 13, 2013

Sometimes, You Just Need a Place To Do It...

I called Co-Worker C and asked him if he wanted me to try to arrange a meeting between me, him and Co-Worker H.  I am too fucking busy right now.  We'll do it another time, was his response.

I walked by H's office and some lady was standing in the doorway talking to him.  As I walked by, I looked in and we made eye contact.  I gave him that raise of the eyebrow that only someone who knows exactly what you mean to convey will understand.  I made my way through a sea of cubicles and by the time I had circled back to the back "break out" rooms that I have access to, I could see H walking toward me.  He got rid of that lady mighty quickly.

Instead of going into the first break out room, he followed me to one that is rarely used.  I unlocked the door and opened it.  H said he would be right back.  When he returned, quietly knocking, I opened the door, first to confirm it was him, then further to let him see me standing there with my slacks around my ankles.  Oh, you are ready for this! he said with a huge grin.

He reached out and grabbed my dick and began to play with me.  I asked him to pull his dick out too.  He did.  Do you want to suck my dick? H asked.  I did.

We stood there facing one another and as he tugged on my dick, I tugged on his.  We brought them together to rub each other and I was so turned on by seeing the comparison.  When you see another man's dick, it just seems bigger.  When you can hold your dicks together, you get a better, reality based idea of what you are looking at.  His dick is much thicker than mine, and honestly, for the briefest of moments I imagined how good it might feel for my wife to enjoy something thicker than she is used to.  

I sat down in a chair and he stood with his dick in my face.  It did not seem as long as it was in my mind, but it was definitely thick. I leaned forward and took him in my mouth, taking him in all the way.  As much as I obsessed about whether or not I was good enough to please him or any guy for that matter, his physical reaction gave me what I needed in the form of assurance.  My tongue swirled around his cock while my lips created just enough suction to make his legs begin to shake.  I reached for his balls which seemed much smaller than mine and gently tugged, fondled and stroked as I continued to blow him.  I could feel him becoming slightly erect, yet, at that moment he whispered that he suffered from E.D.  I stopped what I was doing and asked, Does E.D. keep you from coming?

Before he could answer I continued sucking. His legs were turning into spaghetti. He whispered numerous appreciative comments before finally pulling back and saying, I have to have you now.  Would you let me suck your dick?  Of course.

As he knelt down in front of me, I was leaning back in the chair.  For once, I was fully relaxed without the fear of someone barging in or knocking on the door.  Nobody knew we were there and nobody would thin to look there even if they were searching for either of us.  H tried to replicate my technique of using his tongue to massage my shaft as he sucked on my dick.  He played with my balls and would stop sucking to kiss and nibble them, praising my shaved ball sack and telling me how much he loved my dick.  He went at it for a good several minutes occasionally looking into my eyes (when my eyes were open) and stopping to tell me he needed to taste my cum in his mouth.

Suddenly, I felt like I had put aside any nerves that he held me back in previous sessions.  I let out a few of the Ohmygod's and then first in my mind, then out loud, here we go!

There was no question H could feel my body reacting to his expert sucking.  He doubled down and began making long deliberate mouth strokes on my cock.  You are so hard, he said before continuing.

Embarrassingly, I let out a whimper not unlike the sound my wife makes when she cums really hard.  I was concerned that someone walking by might have heard me but I dismissed it, then another quick, Here we go! 

As I shot my load into H's mouth, he never stopped his sucking.  I could feel at least four distinct shots of cum leave my body, and even then, I never felt that post-orgasm let down.  Instead, I watched H continue to suck my dick and balls until I had gone from fully erect to the shriveled wiener you might see on a guy getting out of a cold lake after skinny dipping. I love your cock, he said.

I sat up and he took the cue to stand up and present his thick cock to me again.  I sucked on him until his legs began to shake and it was clear that he was not going to cum.  I looked up at him and said, I think we both got what we needed here.  

Agreed. he said. Then he surprised me by saying, How would you like to invite me to your house so I could fuck your wife and suck your dick? 

We'll have to figure that one out. I said.

I got home early, and walked in to find my wife in the shower.  Rather than make noise, I stood in the bedroom and watched her.  Why was she just now in the shower, I wondered.  Of course my mind wandered as she soaped her pussy.  Had a lover just left? I realized I was erect. I watched as she shaved her female parts then left as her shower ended.  When I made my second entrance, she was putting on her panties.

Last night as we tucked ourselves in bed, she wondered if we should have sex or wait until Friday.  I rolled over and poked her ass with my erect dick. Tonight it is, she said happily.


CuriousRob said...

What a great post, James! I really need to visit your office someday!

Simplicity said...

No Rob! I called dibs on being their assistant!

Advizor54 said...

I've always said that a good day at work sets the right mood for a good night of lovin'

Thanks for sharing such a hot day at the office.

JFBreak said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm sure there will be more to come!