Saturday, July 26, 2014

At Work Quickie...

Friday afternoon I walked into the office next door to mine and shut the door.  A few officers had conspired to get a couple of cases of Yeungling* brought back from another guy who was TDY on the east coast, so we sat down, cracked open a cold one and savored the taste.  Ah, life's small pleasures.

A short while later, we convened in the squadron bar that the commander had opened and had a few more beers with leadership.  It was as I was sipping on a bland can of Lite that Co-Worker H walked up to me to discuss some work related issues.  The small group of folks standing around us allowed their small talk of weekend plans and upcoming movies to quiet in favor of H's work matters.  I think he realized that his killing of the mood with actual work was an opportunity, and he said, "I'm really sorry, but I need to see you in my office if you can spare a minute."  

I gave him about a 45 second head start and then left the squadron bar, beer in hand and made my way through a sea of nearly empty cubicles. On Friday afternoons, by 4PM, most people are clearing out for the weekend.  I walked into H's office and without even giving it a second thought, shut the door behind me and quietly locked it.

Immediately, H told me it had been too long.  He grabbed my crouch and began to rub my balls through my slacks.  I realized that my dick was in hyper-small mode, not unlike the shrinky-dink you might experience in a cold swimming pool.  I set my beer on his desk then reached down and fished myself from my inside my slacks, making sure to fondle my dick into at least a respectable showing.  H dropped to his knees and began worshiping my cock with his mouth and tongue while fondling my balls with his hand. I've decided it is impossible for a guy not to make that soft uncontrollable moan that comes out when your dick is in someones mouth.

In spite of the pleasure, there was no way I was going to stand there long enough to shoot my load, so after just a minute or two, I pulled out and told him I wanted his dick.  As he stood up, I zipped my dick back into my pants and took a seat in the chair next to the door.  When H pulled his big thick dick out, he was already harder than I had been while he was sucking me.  I immediately began blowing him and at that very moment, I remembered exactly why I love sucking dick.  Because it feels so good.  Just the feel of the shaft, his moan exhaling from his mouth while I suck and swirl and move up and down.  There is no longer any forbidden feeling about it like there was the first few times I sucked a guy.  Oh sure, there is danger in doing this at work but there is danger in some of the e-mails I send or in some of the conversations I have.

After a few minutes of pleasure for both of us, I released his dick and H quickly zipped his pants and then tried to accommodate his boner. For a man who claims to have some ED issues, he seemed pretty hard to me.

For the next 10 minutes we talked about more work then about families and such and then wished each other a good weekend before I headed back to the squadron bar to say my goodbyes.

*Yeungling is only available on the East Coast.  If you ever come to Texas, please bring some.


Simplicity said...

I'm sure Rob and I could manage a beer delivery I wish!!

Same sassy girl said...

Very sexy but I can't believe you start each other and don't finish! What's up with that?

JFBreak said...

I'm telling you, it could be a regular Smokey and the Bandit, but with Yuengling instead of Coors!

@Sassy: I think a lot of these little office encounters are more about the thrill of doing it than the sexual completion of the act. If a lady flashed me in a store wouldn't be upset that she didn't allow me to cum on her tits, right? The other aspect of it is, I find greater satisfaction in giving oral than receiving, and to be honest, while cumming seems like the obvious goal, I can get just as much satisfaction out of the act without orgasm as I would get from licking and sucking a ladies boobs.

I think if we took the time to get a hotel or go to a house, there would be some finishing going on, but I'll take these little 5 minute interludes as they come (or don't)!