Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Random Notes...

Okay.  That last post may have been a bit much.

You aren't coming here for such a downer and frankly, even if I write this for myself, it doesn't do me any good to have such a public (okay, anonymous) freak-out.  I've taken a minute to calm down and time, even a few days adds perspective.  I thank you for e-mails and especially the informative words of encouragement.  I'm good, seriously.

I was chatting with some co-workers about my thoughts on all this passive-aggressive stuff as well as the covert narcissistic behaviors.  It was funny to have most people completely dismiss all of it, while a few others were completely on board.  One lady mentioned specific e-mails I had launched that were extremely passive aggressive, but her spin on it all was that I always kept it professional and more importantly, it was the way to get things done.  I'm not sure.  I mean it when I say, I don't want to be, or even perceived as an asshole.

Moving on.

I was talking with this guy who is a single horn-dog, about the AM and Josh Dugger thing.  I know. old news.  As I've said, I'm opposed in general to people being outed for these things.  Outed for being gay, outed for cheating, outed for really anything.  The big but is, if they are hypocrites.  Dugger is a huge hypocrite and as much as I hate what those hackers did, I take at least some pleasure in one more nail in the public and political coffin of this jerk.  That's all.  If you've been caught up in it, I hope it fades fast with no harm to you and yours.

I mention horn-dog about the guy I was talking to because he was telling me about a new NCO who moved into his cubical.  I haven't seen her, but he reports that she is extremely hot, though potentially pregnant.  Naughty.  During our conversation, and this had nothing to do with the pregnant girl, he mentioned that he'd whip his dick out and show it to anyone who wanted to see it.  I laughed and raised my hand saying, "Yes, please."   I don't know why our conversations take these little turns.

Co-worker A is stressed.  He came into my office and honestly, he looked to be on the verge of tears.  You can see stress on someone's face and usually, it is him who see's it on mine.  It is not uncommon for him to come into my office, walk behind my chair and give me neck and shoulder massages.  Can you imagine if he was a female and someone walked by and saw such a thing?  Anyway, he sat down and put his face into his palms.  I told him to take some deep breaths and tell me what was going on.  We talked things out and I think I gave him some helpful advice.  I suggested it was me who should give him a massage and he smiled.  Of course I told him he would need to whip out his penis.  There was no handy given but I did raise his spirits.

A different guy I work with was telling me about something interesting on Craig's List.  He is divorced, though he and his ex-wife still hit it regularly, yet he feels the need to take advantage of being single.  He's done the full spectrum of pay-dating sites with little to no real success.  So he told me about his CL approach.  Instead of looking at Casual Encounters or Women Seeking Men, he is focusing on the section called Strictly Platonic.  I asked why and he said that he didn't want some slut.  I got a good laugh about that one.

Anyway, not that I'm looking, I did go looking in this Strictly Platonic area and I found something pretty interesting.  There are married women out there, not on Ashley Madison, but who want to be text friends, e-mail buddies, pen pals with guys who are either married or just not interested in a hook up.  I love this!  Like I say, I'm not looking.   I have plenty of e-mail friends (don't let that stop you from e-mailing me), so I doubt I could provide the sort of attention these CL ladies are looking for.  But I just love the concept.

What do you think?  Married people seeking friendship with other married people.  Yes, intimate secrets will be shared (Check).  Maybe nekkid pics will be exchanged (Check).  But, the likelihood of ever meeting in person is pretty non-existent. (Check).  They just described several of you and me.

What if you found that your spouse was having one of these sort of e-mail relationships?  Is this a deal breaker?  It isn't for me, but then again, I'm me, and you know how that goes.

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