Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflecting on 2015 - Here's to 2016...

As we send off 2015 into the history books, before I welcome 2016 as a year of positive and exciting times, I'd just like to go back and reflect upon what this year has been for me.  It is my blog, afterall.

I mentioned to a friend (and to many of you) that I felt like I could use a therapist to talk to.  I mean, more than my Internet Therapist since he is as much a mystery to me as I am to him.  This friend told me that I didn't need to talk to someone; I'm very introspective.  Perhaps too much.  I find myself constantly assessing myself, questioning my motives, questioning the decisions I make.

I've written several times about the conflicting advice I receive from listening to two nearly opposite opinions.  Dan Savage tells me that I'm okay.  Dr. Drew Pinsky tells me I need immediate long term psychological help and that every possible thing I find enjoyable (think - things I write about here), is cause for great concern.  And then on Tuesdays, Dan Savage reassures me that I'm just a normal guy.  What makes me think that going to a professional to listen to my thoughts will offer me any more comfort, one way or the other, than what I get in the form of feedback from those of you who take the time to read and respond?

And by the way, I want to thank you for all the comments and e-mails (and pictures) you send.  Most of us don't know each other in real life, yet, we know so much about each other and I genuinely appreciate your kindness.

During 2015, I engaged in what can only be described by any objective person, some inappropriate friendships.  That is to say, I opened up to people that I probably shouldn't have, yet, I've found these friendships to be enjoyable and actually remarkable.  I'm speaking of both Emma and Erin.  I would like to be able to say that if I could turn back time, I would have avoided the moment when I knowingly crossed the line from family friend to fully exposing myself via this blog, but in all honesty, I would do it all over again, with both of them.  I value both of these friendships and hope to remain friends for a long time.

Everybody on the Internet should have their own Aunt Clara.  I cannot tell you what a true friend AC has been to me.  Besides being extremely funny, the woman is honest, blunt and will tell me when I'm screwing up.  She has also been there to tell me that I'm not crazy when I use her as a sounding board to complain about my moody wife. I love that I can send her an image or a link to some naughty web page I'm looking at and she will give me an honest opinion without making me feel guilty for liking a particular thing.  If you don't have your own Aunt Clara, find one.

I follow quite a few blogs (you can see many of them on the right side panel) and I appreciate those of you have continued on in spite of the fact that blogging seems to be fading in favor of things like Twitter and Tumblr.  Thank you to those who continue to share your intimate thoughts and details of your encounters.  You have an audience.  I gave up a long time ago trying to attract a huge followership.  I get close to 200 hits a day and I know I could increase that easily by posting daily pics of my modest wiener or posting random images of boobs found on Tumblr.  Why bother?  I've always written this blog for me, so I would encourage fellow bloggers who feel like you aren't reaching a broad enough audience, to simply look to yourself for approval.  If you like it, I'll like it.

Looking forward to 2016, I am pretty confident that some action will take place with regards to JD.  I know you'll be looking forward to that as much as I am.  And yes, I'll try to get pictures.

Here is to a peaceful, prosperous and exciting 2016.



Bruce Chang said...

Nice recap... And I agree that you're pretty introspective. And thsts sexy as hell.

Here's looking at you, kid! Cheers!

Aunt Clara said...

Anytime, sweets. You've been a great friend yourself!

Mike said...

I'm glad that we've been able to strike up an internet friendship recently. look forward to corresponding with you in 2016.

Good luck on the JD front.