Thursday, October 27, 2016

Co-Worker Update: Confessions and BJ's.

Co-Worker C (my gay colleague) and I were standing around quietly giggling about my recent action with Bruce when Co-Worker H walked up to us with a big grin on his face.

"You two are up to no good and I bet it is something really good." he said as he looked around for witnesses, then promptly grabbed my package as if he were Donald Trump.  You just knew this would become a thing.

I laughed (I mean, who doesn't like to have someone grab their balls at work?) and told him it was something bad but I couldn't tell him right there in the middle of the office.  The three of us chatted about a work related matter for a few minutes then he turned back toward his office and asked me to follow him.

As soon as I stepped inside his door, he reached behind me and locked the door.  I stood there and as he walked to his side of the desk, he was already unzipping his slacks.  H and I stood there facing one another with a desk between us and his big fat dick poking out at me.

"I let a guy with a dick bigger than that stick it up my butt." I said.

His jaw nearly dropped as he stroked his semi-hard cock.  "He fucked you? Did it hurt?"

I took a seat across from him and this prompted him to put his dick away and also sit down.  I gave him the details of the encounter and how doing it with an experienced person and using lube seemed to be the key to enjoyment.  He explained how he has just never had the urge to put things up his butt, but then seconds later recanted by saying it never felt good when he had tried with a lover.  I suggested that the best bet was to get over his fears by trying it on his own with a butt plug and lots of lube.

I recall being in junior high school and shoving things up my butt every time I took a shower.  For me, I've always craved butt play, just never expected it to happen with a dick.  My first attempt with a real person, that time with Pancho back in the late 1990's was very unsuccessful!  Look at me, suddenly the expert.

H got up from his desk and asked if he could have a little taste.  Before I could even stand up to unzip my slacks, he was on his knees in front of me.  I don't know why I always feel so self-conscious about the size of my flaccid dick, but before I could protest that it was too small, he was performing his oral magic, and my dick was growing erect.

In sort of a whispered tone I told him how I took Bruce's huge dick in my mouth and took him the full length to the back of my throat, and how bad I really wanted to have him flood my mouth with his cum.  This made H work even harder.  He reached into my slacks to cup my balls which immediately gave me the urge to cum.

"Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" I whispered in a breathy voice.

He never stopped his oral play but just looked up at me and nodded yes.  I could feel myself on the brink, certainly giving him that beautiful taste of pre-cum when there was a loud noise outside the door.  And that quickly I had my erection back in my slacks and he was up on his feet moving back to behind his desk.

I sat there with my dick throbbing but quietly reached to my right and unlocked his door.  We both gave that smile of "Damn, that was close."


Voracious said...

Nice! Though I'd never take the risk of doing anything at work myself.

Mike said...

Ha! Blue balls at work!

Advizor54 said...

Just finish!

What's another minute. Just say you were on a conference call with a vendor. Works all the time.

JFBreak said...

@Voracious - I know it is such a huge risk and completely stupid on all accounts, but all of us who play these little games are pretty good at knowing how not to get caught. Of course, easy to say since I haven't been caught.

@Mike - sloppy wet blue balls.

@Advisor - dammit! Why didn't I think of that? We could have even put the phone on speaker and called the time and temperature phone number to provide background noise.

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Simplicity said...
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