Saturday, October 22, 2016

Meeting Bruce: Gay Stuff Ahead!

If you follow any of the Gay sex bloggers and read this blog, you probably have seen the name Bruce Chang (his blogger name) or seen him here in the comments.  We started e-mailing one another several years ago when he moved to town and asked for advice on where to live.  We've stayed in touch pretty consistently and have gotten to know one another beyond just the sexual aspects of our blogs, but we had never met in person or IRL as the kids say.  Over the years we did make several attempts to meet for coffee just to talk but both of our busy schedules left one cancellation after another.

He has actually moved away from here but last week he sent me a note saying he'd be in town and we ought to try to meet for coffee.  That meeting happened Thursday and instead of coffee, we decided to put Bruce's huge cock in my ass.  We met at a hotel not far from the base so I was able to take advantage of an extra long errand and slip out of work.  When I arrived at the hotel, not gonna lie, I was nervous because in my mind, I already knew that this meeting would most likely end with him fucking me.  And you know what limited experience I have in that department.

I also have to admit that I have become extremely self-conscious in the body image department.  I've never hid the fact that I have a healthy beer-gut and I'm certainly not qualified to post pictures of my dick using the hashtag #Hung.  I'm not embarrassed by my dick, but let's be honest, I'm not John Holmes.  My cock size certainly has played into my interest in the Hotwife/Cuckold scene, so it is no shock that I'd be conscious of the fact that Bruce is quite well endowed, and here I am, just a fat guy with a little dick.  Funny, I wonder if there is a porno version of a Chris Farley looking guy singing, "Fat guy with a little dick"

Anyway, the third thing to make me nervous is my standard fear of serial killers.  yes, of course Bruce and I have e-mailed back and forth for years and all that, but maybe it was a trick to get me alone so he could murder me.  You never know.  But that turned out to not be the case at all. Obviously.

Much of the actual event is a blur but thankfully we have pictures.  When I arrived, I parked my truck in the hotel lot and immediately began to wonder if someone I know would drive by and see it.  Just call me paranoid.  I sent a message and said I was walking to the door and in a moment I was there.  With one last moment of hesitation, I knocked lightly.

When the door opened, I walked in to finally see his face for the first time.  Like me, Bruce shies away from face pictures on the Internet, so even though we've corresponded with one another, it was a pleasant surprise to see his face.   I reached out to shake hands while simultaneously walking in and pushing the door shut.  We shook hands but immediately moved in for a hug.  It wasn't as much awkward as it was new for me.  We even kissed for a moment and then stepped back to exchange pleasantries. "Make yourself comfortable" he offered.

He removed his shirt then excused himself to the restroom.  I took that as an opportunity to begin removing my tie, shirt, and slacks. When he returned a moment later, I was standing in the same spot with my socks, underwear and undershirt on.  When he pulled off the rest of his clothes and I saw that massive dick in person, I didn't know whether to be shocked or just a little embarrassed by what was hiding beneath my shorts.
At that point, I think I suggested we take some pictures.  The only way anyone would understand just how well endowed he is would be to see the comparison.  Of course, this type of picture is the standard in cuckold scenes, but there was no humiliation at all.  Plus, let's face it, I'm comfortable in my size.  When you look at this picture, it isn't some sort of visual trick.  I didn't ask for a measuring tape, but it seriously that big.
I don't recall who made the first move but before long we were on the bed and both our dicks were being tugged at.  I could not wait to get him in my mouth and I'm pretty sure, he couldn't wait to get me in his mouth.  This is me taking him in and very much enjoying the feel and taste of him.  I was worried that I didn't have enough experience in my oral, but he assured me I was pretty good at it.
Bruce has a very slender build with these incredibly beautiful tiny and very sensitive nipples.  I was so fascinated with his body and even though I would have gladly spent our time with his dick in my mouth, I needed to explore more of him.  I do recall him becoming very aroused at the nipple sucking and nipple play. But of course, back to that big dick.
He of course returned the favor and I felt several times like I might blow my load.  In fact, what I really wanted was to taste his cum so we switched back and forth several times.  We were doing a little frottage which I enjoy and I think both of us were making advances toward one another's holes with our fingers.  Bruce asked if I would like to fuck him and in my mind, my immediate concern was that I would blow my load in a matter of seconds.  Instead, I asked him if he wanted to see if it was humanely possible to fit his extra-large cock in my hole.  As as side note, I really wish this picture had come out a little more clear so as to show our dicks together.  As an additional note, please look away from my jelly-belly.

Like a Boy Scout, he was prepared with lube and we began the process of seeing if I could take it.  I was already convinced I could handle it having shoved a few huge didoes in my ass in the past.  People who routinely do anal know this but for those who haven't tried, a real penis works a lot easier into your hole than a rubber dong.

I was laying on my back when he began to lube my hole.  He grabbed my left leg and lifted it up over his shoulder while slowly beginning to finger me.  I think he knew I was ready.  Adding more lube, he raised my other leg and positioned his dick an my entrance.  In my mind I was so worried about all the things inexperienced people think about during ass play.  At the point I asked him if the head of his cock was in, he smiled and assured me that we were a little further along than I realized.  

He told me later that his dick got to a certain point where he felt like it was either going to be really good or game over.  I recall mentioning to him about my experience with my friend Bob where I was begging him to put it in and fuck me.  With my legs fully up on his shoulders, Bruce plunged his dick in and I immediately felt that incredible feeling of pleasure.  And he could see it on my face.  I'm sure I muttered about how good it felt more than a few times.

There may have been a few times where he sensed I was experiencing some discomfort, but he quickly adjusted our positions to ease things.  A few times, he really pounded me and though there wasn't a feeling of pain, there is that pressure that you often associate with the fullness of the bowels.  I was still worried about creating any sort of byproduct (also known as Santorum), but he assured me things were fine.
As difficult as it is for me to post this particular picture, I think it is important part of telling the story. Please ignore my flaws!  I cannot tell you how  incredible this experience was and how wonderful it felt.

As Bruce continued to slide his dick in and out of me he grabbed some of the lube and began to stroke my cock.  I warned him that it all felt so good that I was liable to cum at any moment and I'd be spent afterwords.  He assured me that would be okay.  And as expected within a minute or two I was cumming all over his hand, my stomach, the sheets.  He was amazed at the load I produced.

The feeling was simply incredible.  I think back to my very earliest days of exploring my bi side where once I came, there was a feeling of guilt.  There was none of that here.  I think of grown to understand the difference of that natural male function that occurs when you cum and what can easily be turned into regret.  This was more a feeling of satisfaction.

Bruce withdrew and we laid on the bed for a while talking about things.  I did feel relieved there was no messy clean-up needed right away but I also felt bad that he had not yet cum.  As we chatted, he leaned over and licked cum from my stomach a few times and that was pretty hot to see.

I got up and showered and then as I dressed, he got in the shower.   I decided that going straight home was not a good idea and since it was still duty hours, after thanking him for the time and mutual goodbyes, I headed back to my office.  To be honest, I just needed a few minutes to process everything.  I kept waiting for something - some sort of rush of nerves or guilt or something.

When I got back to my desk, a few of the young LT's came by and wanted to talk about some project or another.  It was as if I had just been away for a few hours.  I didn't have a big sign on my chest that read: "Just had a huge cock in my ass."

Frankly, I don't think things could have gone any better for me, though I'm pretty sure Bruce would have enjoyed blowing his load all over me or perhaps in me.


Anonymous said...

love that last picture -you body looks fine to me and so does your cock lying hard against your stomach -wish I could be there and take it into my mouth

JFBreak said...

Thank you. You are too kind. I've accepted that I don't look like a supermodel or some movie star, but hearing that I don't make people want to spit up is pretty encouraging! said...

Holy cow, all of your stars have aligned. You are living the life so many guys would love to have.You have a smoking hot wife that likes to play well with others then you have your other fun with co-workers and friends. What more could a guy ask for.

Shoot me an email please. Some how I lost your email address.

Voracious said...

Wow - thanks for sharing JF! I don't mind admitting how hard I just got :)
Quit apologising for your body, you look great!

Mike said...

Awesome for you! Did he wear a condom? And his dick does look huge. Even with all the hair. ;)

Simplicity said... amazing experience for you and Bruce both!

I certainly struggle w my body issues! But everything i saw as fuck! Wow!

JFBreak said...

You guys don't know how wonderful it is to read your comments and encouragement. Thank you so much.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I seriously don't know what makes him so self-conscious. He's beautiful. Took awhile to assemble my thoughts but just posted my take on events...

Not Alone said...

Your are beautiful man. Bruce is one man that can make you feel perfect. Great story.