Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Random Notes...

Just a few notes to play catch-up with the blog.  My morning routine has been blown out of whack for the last month because my daughter and her family have been staying with us between military moves.  We love having them here, but tonight will be the last night.  During the stay, I've been out of my office, my normal morning e-mail check and blog location, just to avoid making any noise on that side of the house.  Instead, I've retreated to the mancave and an old laptop.

Last night my wife and I slipped out to our local pub to have a beer and grab some pizzas to bring home for dinner.  There was a new bartender in their, a college girl I suspect.  Tall and slender with big boobs spilling out of her bra.  She was wearing glasses and looked like she could easily be the librarian in a porn flick I might watch.  What I liked best was that her shirt was just short enough that when she moved, it revealed her tummy.  I can't explain my turn-ons, but there is just something about seeing a glimpse of mid-section when it is intended to be covered.  I mean, I could go on Instagram and see a million pics of ladies with bikinis where the mid section is reveled, but I see the accidental glimpse of a tummy just as much a turn on as cleavage that pushes out further than the owner intended.  Ditto for that tramp stamp my co-worker doesn't want anyone to know she has.

Anyway, as we sipped our beers and my wife grilled me about an e-mail conversation JD and I had earlier that day, I would casually observe that bartender walk from patron to patron and it occurred to me, why don't I just go to a strip club and look at all the single mommy dancers my boner desires?  I mean, I support sex workers in whatever form they take, as long as they are doing this work of their own free will, and are safe.  So why shouldn't I support strippers at a club?  I have a colleague who asks me about once a month when I'm going to go with him to one of the local places for lunch.  $4.95 for a steak and a beer and titties!  I don't know.  Maybe it has to do with my turn on being that I desire women in their natural habitat.  The office, the grocery store, the mall.

Back to the conversation about JD.  He had asked about a party we had that he was not able to attend, but his wife came by.  He wanted to know if anything (anything?) happened.  It was all good.  She is a nice lady and my wife likes her.  I told JD that she came, ate, chatted with some folks and then left after about an hour.  No weird looks, no awkward questions.

After that was clear, we chatted about potential adventures for our little threesome fun.  Talk about hotel action, pictures, etc.  You know, the usual stuff we do.  Well as I took occasional glances at the bartender, my wife waited for me to recap pretty much the entire conversation with JD and only then did she pull out her phone and show me that he had sent her a recap of what he and I e-mailed about.   I know, that may sound shitty, but in fact it turned out that she was happy that I revealed pretty much everything that he and I talked about.  The truth is, this time around in our "open" arrangement with JD, she has been very forthcoming with what they talk about.  I really don't think there have been any meetings or such that she has not told me about.  This open line of communication has made this arrangement very beneficial for both of us.

Of course, it is still me who is the deceptive jerk.  My wife doesn't know about this blog and she certainly doesn't know of the many different people I e-mail.  And frankly, this private journal works just fine for me.


Mike said...

I think I would be somewhat miffed if my wife was "fact checking" my version of an event. In any case I assume having your daughter around has restricted your wife's playtime with JD. Around here, its always fun when the college kids come home for a few days, but also a bit of a relief when they go back to school!

I agree with you 100% on the strip club thing. I don't enjoy going to them for the same reasons you mentioned...I prefer the "natural environment" thing too.

My special couple has returned to their primary home state so I won't see them until next October.

JFBreak said...

About the fact checking. I don't think I was as miffed as much as it was an eyeopening warning. The truth is, in the early stages of this, JD and I were a lot more communicative. As you would expect, this thing is on autopilot now. There really is nothing for me to coordinate with him, so to speak. What it tells me is, now, there is a very good chance that if I were to tell him something with the idea that it is just between us, that may not have the same weight it did in the beginning.

I know, many of you will read that and the hair on the back of your neck might stand up. But the reality is, I'm more turned on by the details my wife provides than what I'd get from him. This sounds really bad but it is almost like a husband who might install a hidden camera to see what his wife is doing while he is away. In this case, it is like coming home and my wife handing me a video to show what she was doing while I was away.

I guess her asking to see if she got the full story from both JD and me was her way of making sure those checks and balances were in place.