Sunday, April 2, 2017

IGHIH: Friday Night Chatter, Saturday Night Fun...

My morning started off with this picture that she sent me via text.  "Don't stay late today.  I need your assistance."

When I got to the house yesterday afternoon, she was starved and ready for a drink.  We went to a local restaurant grabbed her Margarita and ate light.  I had an idea of getting in the hot tub for a little bit once we got home, but she had a different idea.  We headed straight for the bed and commenced some early afternoon sex.

She told me how she and JD had been talking about the next actual hands on meeting.  For now, their sex interactions are him beating his meat as she talks him through fantasy talk.  He will bring up suggested scenarios to get her reaction.  The current fantasy is ringing our mutual friend Bob into the mix. You recall Bob - he and I have done naughty Bi stuff together.  My wife doesn't seem to interested in the idea of adding another guy into the mix, but both JD and I are open to it.

She tells me that JD asks if she minds if he sends Bob some of the boob shots she has sent him.  She tells me that as far as she is concerned, they are his to share as he likes.  Besides, Bob has seen her tits up close and personal and even played with them.  I've figured out that my wife is cool with people seeing her big boobs.  She'll show them off with very little encouragement required.

As we talk, she is rummaging through her briefcase of sex toys.  I remember the conversation of her asking me what a Sybian was.  She says that JD was joking with her and said he wanted to buy her a Sybian but she had no idea what it was.  I just laughed and said it wouldn't fit in her briefcase.

She put a vibrating cock ring on my hard on, then began to blow me.  "JD asked me if you ever come in my mouth.  I told him that you rarely do because you prefer other things."

I ask, "Has he come in your mouth?" My dick gets harder at just the idea.

"Just a few times.  You know." she responds.

She is fascinated that I've shaved my pubic area.  She assumes I did it for her, but truth be told, I needed a good manscaping anyway, and besides, I was thinking of a work situation involving myself and Co-worker H.  

"I shaved everywhere this morning." she says.  "You should get a closer look."

With that, she continues the blow job but moves her body atop me in a sixty-nine. "I need you to put this in me (hands me one of her pink we-vibes) and lick me."

I'm a horrible husband.  For no real good reason, I just stopped making cunnilingus a regular part of our normal sex.  I do it from time to time but not as often as a man should.  Over the next ten minutes I fuck her with the device and nibble and lick and suck her clit.  She eventually gives specific instructions on what she needs, a combination of ramming the toy in and out and then at the precise moment of orgasm, removing it and sucking her juices from her.  It is wet, and frankly, it is wonderful.

When she finishes soaking my face, she climbs on my dick and rides us both to a simultaneous orgasm, a frequent occurrence during our routine maintenance sex.  Exhausted, we both sleep for twenty minutes or so before a ding on her phone wakes us.

In the hot tub, the topic of JD comes up again.  JD and Bob.  Bob and me.  My wife suggests that if we were smart, we should both go get checked for STI's.  I ask her if she has noticed something that prompts this, but her answer is no.  It just makes sense, and of course, I agree.  The conversation moves on to how comfortable she is with this arrangement.  How she genuinely enjoys the conversations with JD and, in spite of the fact that the actual encounters are rare, she has fun helping him jack himself over the phone.

On Saturday afternoon I was doing some yard work when my wife came outside to inform me that JD was on his way back from running errands for his wife and that he was going to stop by for a beer.  It was supposed to be one of those quick beers, ten minutes of chat and see ya later sort of visits.  But of course, we all knew better.

When he showed up, I was sitting in the hot tub with a beer, mostly rinsing the sweat off.  He and my wife walked out onto the deck, both of them with beers in their hands.  We chatted about hot tub maintenance and about his boat and the issues involved in keeping it well maintained.  After a few minutes they went back in the house, and from my view in the tub, I could see directly into the bedroom through the open blinds.  I sat there for a few minutes hoping to see them go into the room.

When I finished messing with the hot tub and such, I walked in the house to find them sitting at the bar drinking their beers.  JD was pulling down his shorts to reveal his pubic area so my wife could determine whether or not he needed manscaping.  They both agreed he was fine.  I just laughed and walked into the room to get out of my wet swim trunks.  I momentarily walked back into the kitchen in the nude to show that I also was good in the manscaping department.

JD's wife sent a few random text messages asking his errand status.  I thought for sure it was time he was leaving but instead we all talked about whether or not she suspected anything.  He is confident that she has no idea at all.  And if she did suspect him of getting some on the side, she sure as hell did not suspect us.

This conversation somehow led my wife to describing for him the oral action that took place the previous night.  And that conversation led us into the bedroom where before long, the briefcase of toys was open and both of them were nude.  An hour and four more missed texts from his wife later, my wife had come multiple times, there was a sink full of used toys and I had witnessed my wife bent over the bed with JD behind her as she whacked his balls repeatedly with a riding crop.

She started her assault very lightly but he encouraged her, "Harder, harder!"

At one point, I took his place and while I fucked her from behind, she blew him, or more accurately, he face-fucked her.  JD is a lot rougher than I am.  And she loves it.  Watching his fat dick slide in and out of her mouth sent me over the edge and I unloaded in her pussy.  I stayed in place as the show continued.

When the buzzing phone made us all realize we had to send JD on his way, we had a good laugh at the impromptu little play session.  Later, JD told my wife that when he got home, there was no suspicious questioning, it was just with the weather changing, she was worried.


Mike said...


So sounds like JD finally fucked your wife's pussy. Was he able to stay hard?

JFBreak said...

Looks can be deceiving. He was hard but the PIV never actually happened. Well, it did with me, but not him. But as my wife says, sex doesn't always end with a dick in the pussy. We all had a great time.