Friday, April 28, 2017


When I was sixteen I worked at a McDonald's. One of the managers was probably only a few years older than me, but she was an actual woman - at least from my perspective.

This was thirty-five years ago so you have to think back to those polyester uniforms the managers would wear.  Her's was very form fitting and I looked at her ass as often as I could get away with it.  I wasn't even interested in trying an older woman at that point - that was off my bucket list the first time a fucked a woman.  In fact, I was interest in several other coworkers my own age.  But there was something intriguing about her that kept me constantly thinking about her as I flipped burgers and mopped floors.  She had this scent.

You know that musky scent that you can't determine if it is a perfume purposely dabbed on or perhaps body odor caused by the excessive sweating of a young woman.  I know exactly what I was convinced it was though, and that was the scent of her femininity.   I was sixteen and I had yet to bury my face in a girl's pussy, but this overwhelming scent drove me nuts and made me crave the first taste of a wet vagina.

Fast forward to today.  I came home from work and we had a young friend over.  She is a college student, just twenty-one and still at that gawky age. Oh, she's cute and all but I guess because I'm so much older, I don't assign the nomenclature of "woman" to her.  I'm sure that is a violation of some feminist creed or something, but I think you get the point.

But today, as she sat next to my wife on the couch in running shorts, her long legs bent at the knees and bare feet on the couch, the bottom of her ass slightly exposed, I was hit with that scent.

Jesus.  I've seen this young lady so many times before and hadn't really seen or smelled her in "that" way.

She stayed over for another hour or so but I busied myself with other things in other rooms.  But each time I wandered in the vicinity of my wife and of this young lady, it took me right back to McDonald's and that manager.  I did what all normal men do.  I got on Facebook and looked up and found that old manager.  The years have not been kind to her.

Amazing what a simple musky smell can do to your afternoon.

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