Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Putting on a Show...

We took a long weekend trip to Galveston and stayed in a nice hotel near The Strand called The Tremont House.  Besides the enjoyable time and relaxing stay, it was really a break we both needed from work and home.  Long story short - it was a great time.

Our room was on the second floor with an interior view of the bar area.  If you click through the pictures on the link above, you see a grand piano with a bar away from it. If you look in the upper left corner of the picture, you can see one of the windows of our room.  This is important to the story I'm about to tell you.

We spent Saturday afternoon walking the shops along The Strand, enjoying the scenery made up of people of all ages, lots of locals enjoying beers and watching tourists, and to my delight, an entire volleyball team who decided to get temporary tattoos on their upper thighs requiring that they walk around with their shorts lift up even higher than volley ball shorts go.  It was just all around good, weather was a little humid but the breeze was nice and we couldn't complain at all.

Later, we returned to the hotel and stopped into the 1888 Toujouse Bar for drinks and a bite to eat.  The jazz band was just getting warmed up and the bar was already starting to fill with both hotel guests and locals.

We headed back to the room for much needed showers and while I was sitting watching something on the TV and checking my work e-mail, my wife came out of the bathroom in heels, panties and a corset.  Sorry, no pics.  She walked over to the briefcase of sex toys and pulled out a new riding crop she had purchased.  "Are you really going to do work while we are on vacation?" she asked.

I closed my laptop and quickly removed everything but my socks.  I know - sexy, right?

We got on the bed and she went down on me for a few seconds before I interrupted her play and game up with a different plan.  The bed was positioned within 18 inches of the tall window over looking the bar.  The sheers were drawn but with the light of both the TV and the light in the living area, I was pretty sure anyone interested enough to look up could at minimum see the shadows if not more.  I positioned myself on the bed where, laying on my back, my head was nearly hanging over the edge of the bed.  I asked her to come around, stand over my head and place her pussy onto my face.  At very minimum, the audience below would see the silhouette of her body as I ate her pussy.

While she enjoyed this for a few minutes, she needed a little better approach.  Her first thought was the old sixty-nine.  This was fine but I still had this urge for something related to the window - and, the fact that she was still wearing heels (bedroom shoes, as my friend Emma calls them), I had that need for scratching a particular kinky itch.

This time, I had her straddle my face with her heels pretty much pressed into my sides.  This gave her the ability to see through the sheers out the window into the bar and lobby below.  As she ground her pussy into my face, she whispered that she was pretty sure we had an audience.  Eventually, I rolled her over, and while finger-banging her to orgasm, I lapped up her juices until she needed me to stop.

Next, it was my turn.  I sat at the edge of the bed facing the windows, then lied down as she took her place between my legs.  With her on her knees blowing me, I can only assume anyone with a view of the silhouette was fully aware of what was happening.

In about five or six minutes, I announced that I was about to cum and just as she pulled her mouth away, I shot a huge stream over her tits and up my chest.  For a guy my age, that is pretty damn impressive.

My wife grabbed a warm cloth to clean things up and when she came back to the bed, she opend the curtain to look down on the crowd.  Three girls standing at the bar all waved to her and giggled.  She quickly shut the curtain but just laughed and said, "Hey, if they don't want to see sex, they shouldn't look into our room."

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