Friday, June 16, 2017

To The Man Next Door

Dear Neighbor,

I've lived here for close to two years and have tried to be as friendly as I can.  In spite of the fact that I will say hello or smile when I see you, you pretend that I do not exist.  There is no return of a smile, no nod of the head, nothing.  Through some quick Googling, I learned that you are Egyptian.  I've known people from Egypt and they all seemed nice to me, so I'm just assuming that you are shy, or simply an asshole.

So fast-forward to yesterday afternoon when you peered through your dining room window, over the height of my privacy fence and down into my hot tub to watch my nude wife giving me a blow job.  I know you were probably embarrassed when I told my wife we had an audience and she unattached her mouth from my cock and turned around to look, thereby exposing her big boobs.  She laughed when you quickly backed away from the window, but it was pretty obvious you saw that we saw that you saw us being naughty in our back yard.

I just want to say, I apologize that our yard is not completely private and that my wife is not as modest as your wife is.  Hell, if I were in your situation, I'd be as friendly as I could.  But that's just me.

Deepest apologies,

Your Neighbor, JFB.

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