Friday, June 16, 2017

When Granny Gets Naked

Dear Someone Else's Sexy Granny,

I've looked at a wide variety of naked pictures on the Internet and I keep finding myself intrigued by a single topic of interest that I can't quite understand.  I'm hoping you can explain.

First, it isn't that my sole interest is in women of a certain age who end up posing nude, I like all sorts.  But for most every other genre of content I come across, I can come to an easy assumption as to why the subject of the picture chose to be photographed.

One of my favorites, for instance is selfies.  A guy or gal will take a picture of their nude body with an iPhone and now we all get to see it.  In probably most cases, the person who both took the picture and sent it never expected that we would all get to see it.  Truth is, they snapped the pic to send to a lover (or in the case of guys, some unfortunate female who made the mistake of reading a text message).

Others are people who just want to show off their body.  Hell, I've got a few pics of my own out there.

Is there the same thought process for a woman who is collecting retirement benefits to expose herself?  I'm not complaining at all, mind you.  As long as the old gal was not forced or blackmailed into getting naked and showing us her goodies, I'm all for it.  I confess, I have a thing for women with experience in mind and body.

 Oh sure, I want to bang thirty-something's too, but when I was much younger I experienced a woman who is my age now.  When I was twenty-five, I was banging a married fifty-two year old.  Truth is, she told me she was fifty-two but it was obvious she was  probably closer to seventy than fifty.

It was usually dark when she would get in my bed - she wanted the lights out - but I could see the gray in her pubic hair by moonlight.  I can't even explain why I was so fascinated by that aspect, but now when I see an attractive lady with gray hair, I always think of her pubic area.

This was all before the onset of digital cameras and phones that are like little movie studios.  I asked one time to take a Polaroid of her nude body and I thought she would cry at just the thought of it.  She had a very fit and firm body but she worried I would not want to see her in the light.  And she didn't want her husband to get proof.

I think about the older secretary in my office.  She is in her early sixties.  She is extremely thin but has these large saggy breasts that, when presented in the right blouse look very nice.  I'm such a horny goat I've even imagined sex with her.

But back to the topic at hand.  Ladies in your sixties and even seventies, are you still horny enough to pose nude for all the middle aged guys imagining their older neighbor or the high school English teacher with the big knockers?   I'm certainly not judging, because I'm a fan.  I just want to know what motivates you?




Same sassy girl said...

"are you still horny enough to pose nude for all the middle aged guys imagining their older neighbor or the high school English teacher with the big knockers?" The short answer is YES!

I am hornier now than I've ever been! I am not quite 60 but life doesn't stop, or change one day (despite Julia Loius-Dreyfus video about suddenly being unfuckable at about 40).

My motivation is making men happy. And feeling better about myself in the process.

There are more men interested now that ever! When my old flame found me 7 years ago, I had not had sex for 10 years and figured that part of my life was over. Suddenly, there was a man interested in me, talking sexy AND ASKING FOR PHOTOS OF MY OLD BODY! Whee! I took photos to sext him. The effect was glorious!

Then I started online dating and ya gotta have sexy shots for that! And then blogging... well, we both know how that leads to sassy photos all over the internet! Blog fans are so sweet and sexy after I post a photo. Whee!

So happy to discover there are older men who like "younger women" and younger men who like "older women" and I can benefit from both!

JFBreak said...

You've got the spirit, Sassy!