Friday, July 28, 2017

Blog Activity and Oral...

If you are a follower who revives e-mail updates every time I post something, I apologize for flooding your inbox.  After my interview with Kathy K on the Strictly Anonymous podcast, she asked me to give the link to the blog, and I realized, I talked about a lot of things on the blog that I had removed a while back.  I'm simply trying to repopulate the blog with those posts so in the event that anyone listens to my interview, they don;t show up to an empty blog.

And by the way, that interview should be available soon.  I'll of course post the link.

In other news, yesterday was a busy day for my wife.  A guy from years ago who has been trying to get her to meet with him (she isn't interested) FaceTimed her yesterday and jacked off on camera.  As she tells it, as soon as he came, she said, "Okay, now that you got that out of your system, goodbye!" and hung up on him.

Then she gets a friendly text from Pancho (which she is always happy to receive).

Then, she checks her phone and sees a note from JD announcing that he is on his way.  Before she knows what is happening, she is sitting on the stairs with her panties off and he is eating her to a mind blowing orgasm - according to her.

In turn, she tried out the new vibrating mouthpiece toy.  It looks like a mouth guard a football player might wear, but it has a little ring in front with a tiny vibrator attached. When I walked in the door after work, they were standing at the kitchen counter drinking a beer.  JD looked at me and said, "Oh my God.  I came in under a minute."

I immediately wondered if some Viagra had been employed, but it was just the BJ with the vibrating mouth guard.  My wife pulled down the top of her dress to expose cleavage and said, "Wanna lick?"

We all laughed.  The conversation quickly turned to me asking how things were at home for him.  He said it has calmed down a bit but he was super nervous about even being parked in front of our house. JD says his wife has been calling more often at work to make sure he is there.  He is worried if he leaves early, she may drive by our house to see if he is there.  So now, I think we all agree that he will have to park nearby, and have one of us pick him up.  If that will help calm his nerves, I think it will be worth it.

And by the way, yes, I did fuck my wife later.  And it was also quick!


Mike said...

So no Viagra attempt?

JFBreak said...

None needed this time around!