Thursday, July 27, 2017


It had been at least a year since "L" had moved from my office and was now working in another section. I continued to see her often and she was a regular friend with my wife. JD, who had been joining my wife and I for threesomes (and as I found later, banging her on the side from time to time) for over a year or more still worked in the same office as me, but we worked different shifts.

One day, the stars aligned and the three of us got together in L's office just to chat for a little bit. L had a co-worker who was out running an errand. Our talk quickly came to sex. L asked about the threesomes. She wanted details. We kept the conversation to the minimum, things like, "we just take turns". In turn, JD and I asked L to show us her tits. She would show cleavage but no more. Very committed to her husband. JD asked L if she would give me a blow job and let him watch. She opened her mouth as if to prepare to take a dick, then just said, "You guys are crazy."

I dare you. JD challenged her. I quickly fumbled with my military BDU's and whipped my semi-erect dick out. L had seen it many times before, so even though she gave it a look, there was no reaction. I quickly shoved my dick back in my pants.

"I have a better idea; I wanna watch you guys suck each other." L said with an evil chuckle.

By this time in the relationship with JD, my wife and I, his dick had been in my mouth before. My favorite position was reverse cowgirl with her riding him and me going down on them together. Accidents happen and sometimes his dick would slip out of my wife and I would take him in my mouth, then force him back into her with my tongue. It makes me hard just thinking about it.

But I had never really just given him a blow job and I longed for the chance. Now, I opened my mouth in the same way L had done and we all laughed. Then JD pulled out his dick. It was much larger than mine and he was fully erect. The conversation had really got him excited. JD stood up from his chair in front of L's desk and moved to within 18 inches of me. L began to flush. She couldn't take her eyes of JD's dick even though she had seen his probably as many times as mine. She continued staring at the dick but said to me, "I dare you, I dare you".

I wanted it so bad. "Do it, you know you want to" JD said, shaking his dick even closer to my face. I moved closer and I had my mouth open and I was literally within an inch or two of the head of JD's dick. I secretly wished that he would just lean forward a little more and put it in my mouth, then I could act all upset. It was like we were frozen for a second.

Then L changed her tune. "You'll regret it" she said. (The hell I willl I thought to myself). The stand off continued for probably 15 to 20 seconds really, though it seemed longer. My mouth was so close to JD's dick that I could have stuck out my tongue and licked his beautiful head. But this was back in the mid 90's and though I knew I wanted that dick, I just couldn't make myself do it in front of L.

Just then, the sound of the door thumb lock brought us back to reality and JD shoved his full erection back into his pants as I leaned back in my chair. L's co-worker walked in and never even gave us a second notice. JD and I said our goodbyes to L and walked back to our offices. I said to him, "You know, if you ever want, I'll suck your dick." He replied, "Yea, that's just not my thing".

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