Saturday, July 1, 2017

More of the Sun bathing Beauty...

Jesus!  Before I tell you what I just observed, I need to make it perfectly clear that I'm not going out of my way to be the nosy, perverted neighbor who lies in wait just to catch a glimpse of the attractive lady next door getting some sun.  This lady spends hours, literally hours a day sunbathing.  I simply don't know why she does it given what we all know about the sun and skin cancer.  The fact that I can look out my window nearly any time the sun is out and see her in her black thong is not my fault.

 But, having given my defense up front, let me tell you.

My wife and I came home from a very busy morning and I decided to relax a bit before we head out this afternoon for more errands.  I went upstairs and turned on the TV and gave my dog a treat.  Since I was near the window and the sun was out, I figured I'd take a quick peek over into the neighbors yard.

My beautiful neighbor was standing there in her bathing suit with a tank top over her.  She was patting down her lounger to clean of any twigs or leaves, and scooting it into the position she needed. Once everything was set, she pulled off the tank top and set it down under the lawn chair, then grabbed a spray bottle of tanning lotion before laying down with her feet toward me.

As soon as she laid down it was like her ass cheeks swallowed the thong.  I need to remind you dear readers, this lady is in her mid to late forties, and I would easily compare her to your average thirty-something lady in great shape.  Just looking at her face, you'd never guess she was approaching fifty.
I would have been happy if the show had stopped there and just retreated to my recliner to watch This Old House, but then she started to apply the lotion.

I stood there with the blinds cracked only enough to allow my view but without being seen by anyone happening to look my way.

As God is my witness, the neighbor lady rolled on her right side, lifted her left leg up and began rubbing the lotion from her feet up to her hips.  So limber.  And the bonus is, with legs open, it was like one of those moves a stripper does to give a crotch shot.  Oh to have been just a little bit closer.

I'm embarrassed to even write this but, there I was whispering to myself, "Oh baby, there you go.  Rub it in, oh yes, that's how daddy likes it."

After covering the left leg, she rolled to the other side then repeated this incredibly sexy process again on the right.  Once her legs were done, she laid flat on her tummy, then, I swear to you, she lifted her ass up and sprayed the lotion on her ass cheeks then rubbed it in.  For fucks sake, from this view I realized just how hot it must be to fuck her from behind.  I also realized that she has darkened several shades since I first saw her out in the yard.

I totally get that I am as goofy as a fourteen year old seeing a chick in a bikini for the first time, but damn!   I could not have asked for a better view.

I guess it goes without saying, this is one of those posts that is useless without photos.  Sorry, I wish I could share what I've seen.  I hope the description at leasts gives you an idea.


Simplicity said...

Ok..this is every chick's fantasy when she's rubbing that sunscreen in. Damn those hard to reach places!

JFBreak said...

I'm here to assist as needed...