Thursday, July 27, 2017

Secrets Amongst Strangers and Friends...

It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution.

Oscar Wilde

In my real life (as opposed to this naughty blogger personae) I am a regular reader of a "Mommy Blogger" who has started a recurring theme on Fridays for her readers called Friday Secrets. This is nothing new or unique; there are all sorts of sites that allow people to anonymously post secrets and confess things about themselves to the Internet world. What is very entertaining about this particular version is, while the secrets are posted anonymously, they are submitted ostensibly by the readers who often participate in the comments section during the rest of the week. It has become a lot of fun and in fact, some people have even been posting pictures of themselves - PG rated and nothing more.

The gal who runs Friday Secrets asks the confessors to send her their secrets from a fake e-mail account - something that won't be associated with them as a real person. Further, she declares that she will not attempt to learn the identity of the submitter of the secret. She basically receives an e-mail, cuts & pastes the secret from the body of the e-mail into a Word document, then promptly deletes the e-mail.

When I sent in my first confession, it was a pretty cheesy thing, more for the comedic value then anything else. I sent it from the same e-mail address I use for this blog. Secretly (perhaps I should confess), I hoped that the mommy blogger would have done a little research to find my blog and see that I am a reader of her blog - just I use a different name over there when I leave comments.

In later weeks, I submitted a few more personal confessions, secrets that regular readers here would already know - that I am married but love to suck dick or that I get off on other guys fucking my wife. In the back of my mind I hoped to have an e-mail back saying something - anything. As it turned out, I simply was not getting the adrenaline flow, the turn on one receives when they make a confession.

I don't have any serial killings to confess to; I didn't rob a bank and get away with it years ago. My confessions, the fact that I am bi, the fact that my wife and I have engaged in sexual activities that don't comply with the church are nothing that would cause a story on 60 Minutes. But they are my Secrets, only, like nude photos of your totally hot girlfriend, they are useless without sharing.

Fast forward. I saw a friend/neighbor leave a comment on her Facebook page about how enjoyable it was that she had left a naughty secret on a blog and how exciting it was. I sent her a private message suggesting that she ought to check out this particular mommy blogger. Turns out, it was the same blog I have been posting my secrets to!

I did a quick look at the secrets from last Friday and picked one out that looked interesting. In fact, when I suggested that particular one which involved a decades ago, one time girl on girl experience, she admitted it was hers. Okay, nothing says instant erection like a lady you know admitting to girl on girl action - even if it was a long time ago.

At the time of our brief chat via Facebook, she hinted that she had read a few secrets that could have been posted by me - she says so based upon my writing style. Of course, it occurs to me that if she ever finds this post, I have in effect revealed most of my secrets to her. There is admittedly some thrill in that. I found myself so intoxicated with the thought of revealing details about my private life to this person who was not a complete stranger. As it would turn out, the conversation was cut short and a later attempt by me to reengage the discussion was ignored. In short, I think it may have been a little more creepy for her than it was for me. This is a lady who has become fairly good Facebook friends with my wife and I suspect she would prefer not to go down the path of having flirty private conversations with me.

But I feel the urge to be honest. Of course, you readers, those eight or so of you who come back every so often to see what I have written about or possibly which older posts I have removed, have been great listeners to my secret confessions. But I suddenly feel the urge to confess to real people I know.
Am I just a glutton for punishment?


Anonymous said...

Nope, I wasn't ignoring you. It was 6:30 in the morning and I move around on the Web quite a bit before work.....I missed it and by the time I could reply, I had to go to work.

Now, it's totally hot that you got hard over my secret. It has been self-play fodder for a long time. I knew that by announcing it on FB that I'd left a secret, it would somehow dawn on you. HOW I knew that, damned if I know. Some sort of strange connection, maybe? Who knows? But, I have so much to tell you. I just need assurance that it goes NOWHERE.

Does the wife know all of your secrets--or just what she's participated in? Just curious....most of my stuff is MY STUFF and I don't want others to know--only CERTAIN PEOPLE. Other women are not part of the CERTAIN PEOPLE group. I don't trust a woman as far as I can throw one. Odd, yes, I'm a woman, but most of them will turn on you in a heartbeat. That kind of drama has no room in my life. I'm very selective with who becomes a female friend of mine.

Anyway, hopefully the delete button is getting a lot of use on your phone and fb! PLEASE!!

talk to you some more, some how some way

Anonymous said...

OK, I've read some more, so some of my questions have already been answered.

"UPDAT" is the verification word. LOL anyway, talk to you soon

JFBreak said...

How nice is this? What you need is a fake e-mail address! I love secrets, but if you leave them here, everyone will know!