Saturday, July 29, 2017


When I was probably about 19, maybe 20 years old and a young guy in the military, I have to admit that I was not much of a ladies man. I never dated in the way that some friends did; ask a girl to go out for dinner or to a night club on the chance that things would spark and there would be more dates, or things wouldn't and both people would move on to other dates. In my case, if I found a girl attractive and liked her personality, I was looking to make it an immediate relationship so the dating could begin. Needless to say, there were long stints between girlfriends and sex!

On occasion though, every squirrel gets a nut and a young lady I worked with who I found quite attractive decided to dance a few songs with me at the base NCO club. Her name was Shannon and she reminded me so much of Madonna who was at the beginning of her popularity. Of course, this lady was in the military as well, so she could only be so wild in her appearance. She had short hair, was very thin and had a cute smile, but I recall mostly that she seemed way too good for me. Yes, I had wonderful self-esteem, can you tell?

So as the evening progressed and it was suddenly becoming apparent that she wasn't simply being polite and allowing me to be seen with her for a few songs, but she was in fact willing to allow me to buy her several drinks and even sit at the same table as her! This was getting good. I'm sure I wasn't completely without skills, after all, she wasn't the first lady I had taken back to the dorms (though she was one of the few), but amazingly when I asked if she wanted to get out of there, she just looked at me and said "Sure, can we go back to your room?"

I wouldn't break the news to her that I had a room mate until we got to the building. For her, doing the deed in a dorm room while a room mate was present was a non-starter. I asked if we could go to her room which was located in the same building but on a different floor, and her response was that her room mate was there. I told her that I did not mind her friend being present but she just gave me a dirty look. Hey, I was serious.

In the end, I opted for an old stand-by, going to a vacant day room. For those not familiar with military dorms, they usually have a common area with sofas and TVs and maybe a few pool tables. Each floor usually had a day room so with 3 floors in our building and 3 floors in the next 3 buildings nearby, there was a safe bet we would find an empty one at midnight. Sure enough, we had a place to shut the door, turn off the lights and make out for a bit.

With the location set and a wiling participant, I was pretty damn happy that I was going to get laid for the first time in months. Shannon and I kissed briefly and I fondled her small tits through her thin shirt. She was wearing a mini skirt that was fashionable in the mid 1980's and I recall reaching for her panties a few times with her squirming to keep my hand away. I asked her if she wanted me to pull off my jeans and she encouraged me a little by saying, "Not yet." I felt really positive. I asked her if I could see her tits and she said I could play with them under her shirt. Like I say, pretty small.

I'm guessing we had been making out for under 10 minutes when she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. She set them next to her on the couch then took my shoulders and pushed me down, basically indicating that she needed some oral attention. I loved it. For the next who knows how long, maybe another 20 minutes (though I'm sure I bragged to my room mate later that it was an hour or more), I licked and nibbled and ate her until she came several times. Her neatly trimmed pussy was soaked with juice and and she squirmed to her own beat using my tongue, mustache and face as devices for her own masturbation session. It was dark and frankly, I could have been any guy in her mind. In my mind, I was making my new girlfriend cum on the couch in a public day room!

When she came one last time loud enough that I had to reach up and try to cover her mouth, she laid back on the couch and seemed to be exhausted. I began to unbuckle my belt in an effort to begin fucking my new favorite gal when she stopped me and asked if I had a condom. Not having one, I quickly offered to pull out and cum on her tits if she'd like. I know, how thoughtful.

Without the proper equipment, she was done for the night and as it would turn out, my efforts to get in her pants with my dick failed for good. A positive consolation was that she had bragged to a few mutual friends that she had her way with my face and I actually got solid ratings in the oral department, but she just didn't want to be my girlfriend. Turns out that rank really does have its privilege in the military and she was used to dating guys several pay grades above me.

Happy to serve.


bdenied said...

so why am I so happy she got off and you did not? LOL

JFBreak said...

I think we are of a kindred spirit!