Thursday, July 27, 2017

When Paths Cross...

Like many people who blog, I write here (when I do write here) sort of anonymously in that, if you look up the name in the phone book, you won't turn up with my number. And by the way, this isn't one of those "LifeLock" challenges; I'm not asking you to expend the resources of the Internet to track me down and say Howdy, James! Like many bloggers who enjoy visiting adult themed blogs and web pages, I prefer to use a nickname as opposed to full disclosed legal description of who I am. And I think many of us are in the same boat.

I recently posed the question on one of the forums I visit - I'll just quote it below:

"Have you ever recognized a person you know from a straight G-rated forum in a lifestyle forum like this? I know our hosts Agatha and Inigo have mentioned having straight friends aware of their situation.

Like many people here, I don't use my real name when I visit forums or groups associated with the hotwife lifestyle. On one occasion, a couple I talked with but had never met in person on a g-rated forum turned up on a sex related forum using the same username and exact photos of themselves. Is it proper to identify yourself as someone who knows them from another forum, but not share your G-rated identity, or should it best be left alone?

Likewise, I have been reading a very popular g-rated (okay, PG-13 rated) blogger and she recently admitted to having been involved in threesomes and foursomes in her life, though would not expand on the details. It very well could have been one time incidents from 20 years ago but on the flipside, she and her husband could be regulars here? Who knows?

Has anyone encountered this type of thing and, if your only interest is expanding the bounds of conversations, is it ever appropriate to cross the paths of these two worlds?"

I did get a few responses when I originally posed the question, but not really anyone to say "Don't Do It" which is what I sort of expected. Now, the same "vanilla" blogger who I have followed for quite sometime has become a regular reader and contributor to one of the Lifestyle sites I visit (found on My Blog List to the right), and I'm not sure why, I feel somehow obligated to let her in on my dual identity.

Part of it is the urge to share a common bond (turns out, we both apparently have an interest in certain lifestyle aspects that are not considered mainstream), but I guess another part of it is probably a voyeuristic desire to know more about her situation.

There is something deliciously exciting about looking into the otherwise private life of someone you know. I don't mean in a mean-spirited way, but consider this thought. If you had a neighbor who you knew as the normal conservative upstanding church-going vanilla family but then one day received an envelope in your mailbox with a disk purporting to show the neighbor in "naughty" activity, would you watch it or would you turn it over to the neighbor (or destroy it) without ever bringing it up? I'll be honest, I'd watch it. And I'd hope it was something kinky! It isn't that I want something to "hold over" the person, but more of a purely voyeuristic desire to know more. I'm not out spying on my neighbors, but if something is handed to me, why not?

Can you tell I'm trying to talk myself out of sending an e-mail to this blogger and simply "handing" her my secret identity?

And if I did e-mail her, do I send the note using the identity she knows me as, or as James, the married Bi guy who gets off on his wife fucking other men?



bdenied said...

well tried sending you an email but you either chose not to respond or it never went through. I am always interested in chatting with or meeting with those in these alternative life styles. So I believe my email address is on my profile if you are ever interested.

JFBreak said...

@bdenied: never did get an e-mail, and actually, I don't think your e-mail is anywhere on your blog. I'd love to correspond: I respond to anyone happy to to chat!