Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hi, You May not Remember Me...

I kept trying to come up with clever ways to approach this lady I had passed in the parking lot on the way into the office on more than a few times. It was obvious that she recognized me in a "I think I know you from 25 pounds and lots of gray hair ago" way. Here we are, both of us retired from the military and now working in the same place as civilians. Her face looks the same - she is attractive but like me, she has put on weight and is no longer 25. Things change.

We worked in different offices and in our different roles, I would see here a few times a week. Occasionally flirtatious, but mostly business. I recall mentioning to a co-worker of mine at the time how I really thought she was attractive and how I'd love to see her nekkid. You could apply this desire to most women, but it was worth mentioning to him. He surprised me by telling how he had dated her a few years earlier when he had just split from his wife and he started dating any of the young military girls that would give him the time of day. She apparently was impressed by his rank (she was an E-2, he was an E-5 at the time), and willing to go out. Naturally, I asked how it was and he was full of lurid details of their constant sex. As I recall, he used the terms athletic and flexible several times.

A few days later, the co-worker pulled me aside and told me he had something for me. We walked into an unused conference room and he produced a small envelope containing four or five Polaroid pictures showing the lady I fancied posing fully nude. "Of course I destroyed them," he assured her when their brief fling ended. I gawked at the photos and took in the visual of her only lightly trimmed bush and her perky 21 year old boobs. I can still see the tan lines on the giggle on her face all these years - at least twenty years - later.

So when she actually came in my office the other day looking to speak with one of my co-workers and I heard her name, it was confirmation that she was the same lady I had known from years ago. I so wanted to to approach her and quietly say, "Hi. You may not remember me but I have seen you nude."

But that might come off as creepy. So I think this one will stay our little secret.

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