Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Morning Rambling...

Blah!   After I posted Weekend Notes on Friday, my weekend turned to shit.  I have an expensive issue with my vehicle and while there is no good time for that, it comes at a time when my wife and I are involved in an expensive investment.  Obviously, I'm avoiding specifics but this is normal stuff that people have to deal with.  Such is life.  And it sent me into a brief depression that I quickly escaped by Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday I happened to see one of my wife's sisters.  I've always had a crush on her.  Hey, remember that time I was doing some work at her house to help her with some repairs and I raided her dirty clothes hamper to sniff her panties? Yes, that one.

You know I have a thing for older women. She is at least five years my senior, so she qualifies.  I told her that I really liked her hair and the fact she is allowing it to go gray.  She smiled and then laughed and thanked me with a hug.  What I wanted to ask was if the carpet matched the drapes.  Maybe some other time.

I feel like I'm well over my mid life crisis, yet, why am I even having inappropriate thoughts about my sister in law?  Do you think that I am more turned on by the risk of an inappropriate relationship, chasing after something that would be so risky that it couldn't possibly be worth it?

Why have I developed friendships with Emma and Erin?  It isn't like I'll have sex with either of them, yet the risk of having shared such secrets with them is actually a turn on.  Or is it?

Ugh.  I have lots of people to share my weirdness with.  First, I can blog.  But I also correspond with many of you readers.  There is literally no risk if I get caught since at this point I could simply say to my wife, you are fucking another guy, and you are upset I emailed someone who lives in another state?

I do get a lot from these email conversations.  Many of you skip the comments button all together and go directly to the email.  Thank you for that.  I love that we can compare notes on our perverse lives or in the cases of many of you, the conversations evolve to fairly normal, non-sexual discussions about life.

Anyway, I ramble on.

I think I mentioned before that I have been going back through the archives and reposting some of the previous blog posts.  If you are a recent visitor to the blog, I hope you will consider looking at some of the older posts. My youthful angst.  I say youthful knowing full well I didn't start the blog until I was in my forties.

Here is something interesting to ponder.  I have a sister who has zero, none, notta, no presence on social media anywhere.  It actually has been a pain trying to share family photos and information when everyone else at least has FB, whether they check it or not.  But not this one.  I often wondered why.

About ten years ago when I first started finding the amateur porn pics I so enjoy - you know, pics of people's wives and girlfriends (and regular guys showing their dicks - if I'm being totally honest), I stumbled across this picture of a lady in lingerie that was a doppleganger for my sister.  No, I'm not posting it you perverts.  I was so convinced it was her, I actually shared it with my older brother who was also a little shocked by the resemblance.  Of course, we never brought it up to anyone beyond that.

Several days ago as I was thumbing through Tumblr on my phone, I saw another picture that I swear to you was the spitting image of this same sister.  It was nothing crazy, nothing more than a nude taken in a bedroom.  No sex, just a naked lady.  But that picture got me thinking. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the reason she has never adopted social media in any form, even to keep in touch with her own kids, is because she fears being one of these victims of the hate filled porn where people blast nudes all over the FB pages of people they find naked.

Eventually, everyone will be exposed in some form or fashion and none of us will have anything over the others.  All politicians will cop to having been Anthony Wiener at some point, just like they all now admit to smoking pot. I'm not saying all politicians are psychotic, but I'm sure when they get a little bit of power, it goes to the dick and they grope an intern or two.  

Anyway, I ramble.  It is Monday morning.  Wish us all a better week.

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bdenied said...

I also have absolutely no social media. I am a 20th century guy living in the 21st century