Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekend Notes...

Thank you to all of you for your e-mails following the Strictly Anonymous episode.  I was actually scheduled to tape the second episode on Monday, but Kathy had to cancel, then I was supposed to do it this afternoon, and I had to cancel.  Next week for sure.

And as a bonus, at least one of the readers here is already scheduled to chat with her about his own story, and I think a few more may be considering.  I don;t want to turn this into the Strictly Anonymous fan page or anything, but honestly, even if you don't listen to my episode, please check her out.  I cannot tell you how awesome it is to listen to real people tell their stories of secretive sex, wife swapping, escorts, and of, this one guy, a doorman in NYC has a fetish for pregnant women.  He finds pregnant ladies and bangs them.  So, so many different ideas on what turns people on, and this podcast certainly features quite a few of them.


I'm actually playing hooky from work right now.  I had some car issues and rather than try to get a ride or take my wife's vehicle, I stayed home while I wait for the mechanic to do his thing.  The good news in all that is that the wife is out with grand kids doing lunch, and I'm here alone.

I talked with my buddy Pancho the other day.  It seems as though he was going to have his own version of a hall pass with his wife going out of town.  Having sent some boner pics to my wife, I think there was a possibility of some action.  He even sent a picture of the packed bags to let my wife know that he was about to be free.  And then a text comes back saying that the trip got canceled!

I'm sure if those two do plan to hook up eventually, it will be a long tome in the making.  Don't read into any of this that the fire has burnt out for JD.  Things are going very smoothly on that front.  But, as I've mentioned in the past, my wife and Pancho have known each other for years - really since school, and I think they both have this curiosity that needs to be put to bed.  Put to bed...

As an aside, I am open to having my own little meeting with Pancho - if ya know what I mean!

It is kind of a joke with us that my wife will mention Pancho just to get a reaction from JD.  He is good natured about it.

Speaking of JD.  Since my last post, they have met twice.  The first meeting was at our house.  I walked in from work and they were standing at the counter finishing up a beer.  It turns out, JD never even got his pants off.  He went down on my wife and gave her a thorough orgasm producing tongue licking.  To his surprise, she had a little toy she bought that looks like a mouth piece a football player might wear, but with the added bonus of a little vibrator.  When I walked in and greeted them, he laughed and told me that the blow job lasted all of maybe one minute!  She giggled and pulled down the top of her dress to display where he had blown his load.

While they were able to enjoy some quick fun before I got home, we spent some time chatting about the situation with Mrs JD and how things are going on the home front.  Long story short, JD is experiencing the stress of having a suspicious wife and that is bad for everyone.

They also met a few days ago for a quick drink at a nearby place.  The visit was only about an hour but I think the two of them take what they can get.


I'm not sure if it was my talking things out on the podcast or the e-mails that followed, but I will say that there has been more sex in this house.  And I've been involved.  Maybe sometimes I just need a little motivation.  My dick is absolutely raw from a long, long session Wednesday night.  The poor little guy needs some rest before I put it to use this weekend.   Wish me luck.

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bdenied said...

gotta tell you that the thought of you walking in on them while they may have or are having sex is a thrill. Having your wife show you that she sucked his cock and had his fresh cum still on her actually produced got me to produce and erection and Im would guess it did the same to you. Very sexy picture I drew in my mind of her sucking him off and him going down on her!