Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Work Stress Averted...

This post isn't really sexual but since this is my only current blog location, it will have to do.  Very briefly, I put myself through an emotional roller coaster yesterday that had me completely rethinking my professional life.  I mean, to the point that I sent a few e-mails where I stated that I was going to seek employment elsewhere.

Things started off well.  I spent a good forty minutes or so chatting with a trusted friend about various things.  Some sexual, some not.  In the end, I felt so good about our conversation I nearly walked back into my office skipping and whistling.  Okay, whistling, anyway.

Then, a colleague passed on some news that it turns out he may have misinterpreted. Obviously, not being specific here, but the point is, it was information that looked as though I had had the rug pulled out from under me but the leadership group. 

I took a minute to digest things then decided to walk up to the front offices and have a little conversation.  Nobody present to talk to so I made my way back to my desk where I tried to focus on some pressing work issues.  It was useless.  The e-mails flew. 

Eventually, one of my trusted co-workers told me I should just take the rest of the day off and do one of those Pro's and Con's sort of lists.  Probably would have been a good idea but I'm horrible at taking advice.

By late afternoon, I talked to another person involved in the matter and his take on "the situation" seemed different.  Nuance is everything, sometimes.   At that very moment, I could feel a weight lift off my shoulders and I could actually feel the stress on my body and my emotions begin to fade.

An hour later I was walking through my neighborhood and my friend called to tell me he had made a phone call to leadership who confirmed that it was all a miss interpretation.  So I feel like I go into work this morning with a positive attitude, a lot less stress, and the work I need to finish from yesterday.

Please don't read into this, there isn't a violent bone in my body, but the whole thing made me wonder.  How many people over the years who have lost their shit at work, went, as we used to say in the 80's, Postal, and wrecked havoc at work over a simple misunderstanding of the facts?

It's funny because in most matters, I'm thought to be the calm, let's get all the facts first, sort of person. I'm usually the guy telling people to calm down (never women, of course) and evaluate what is really going on.  But because this matter directly impacted me and my role in the organization, I took information from someone and allowed it to punch me in the gut without fully vetting it all.

I should work on that.

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bdenied said...

thats the problem with work...some people just love to cause controversy and mis represent what they heard or they hear what they want to hear.