Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Older Folks and Pr0n!

I'm no spring chicken here.  I mean, I'm a guy in my mid-fifties and while I think we can all agree that generally, age is just a number and we have examples all around us of people who defy age (Cher, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton all immediately come to mind), still, I'm not out running marathons or anything like that.  Out of an abundance of safety, I have tried to move my daily exercise routine from out of the hot Texas sunshine where I normally walk several miles along the roads of my neighborhood to the comfort of my air conditioned guest room where a treadmill quietly counts the steps and miles I walk.  This change makes my wife feel better since it reduces the chance she will find me laying on the side of the road with heat exhaustion.  It really is hot in Texas.

When I walk outdoors, I plug into the latest podcasts in my queue.  Indoors, I could do that but I have found that it gives me a perfect opportunity to catch up on TV shows my wife is not interested in. So with my iPad, I've been connecting to my cable provider and using the on-demand feature to catch up on things.  I also enjoy documentaries.  I started watching one on Showtime called X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time. Exercise and porn, now I understand how Dolly does it! 

This may come as a surprise to readers here, but I never really have watched porn movies.  In fact, aside from the clips you can see posted in minute long bursts on Tumblr, I've just not had the urge.  Granted, my wife and I did rent the VHS tape Caligula early in our marriage, and in spite of the complete debauchery of that movie, let's be honest, it is full of famous actors, not porn stars.  I think that movie pretty much left us disinterested in the idea of porn as a movie night choice. Though in fairness, I think I'd like to go back and watch it with a more mature eye.

Back to this documentary.  I've heard of most of these films.  Debbie Does Dallas, Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones, Behind The Green Door.  And the stars, Jenna Jameson, Marilyn Chambers, Ron Jeremy, James Deen. I was fascinated with Georgina Spelvin.  She played Miss Jones. I guess what is interesting to me is the concept of an older, I mean, much older woman openly discussing sex and the things she did in that movie.  Perhaps this is why I'm also fascinated with Betty Dodson, they old-school sex-educator.  Older women saying "cunt" and "pussy".  Makes me all nervous.

This actually brings me to the point of all this - yes, I once again take the long way around the barn; I am extremely fascinated by the middle aged and older women I see posing nude or engaging in porn clips on Tumblr.  I've never hidden my fascination for women that are much older than I am, and I promise you, this isn't some Oedipus kink I have.  If anything, I was probably sexually imprinted by friends of my mother or perhaps school teachers that I found attractive when I was a naughty little kid.  But to be clear, not my mom!

It very well could be that the pictures and videos I stumble across come from other countries.  I swear, we are such prudes here in the US.  Perhaps I could walk down a street in Spain or France and some older lady would not think twice about putting her cleavage on display.  When I walk into the grocery store here, I see many very well put together women in their sixties and older who I find sexually attractive, yet I can't for a minute imagine them at a park blowing random guys or sitting in the back yard posing for their husbands in the nude.  Maybe they do these things and I am just too naive to believe it.

Don't get me wrong on this.  I know many women in their late sixties who engage in the Hotwife scene.  That is a thing and good for all of us.  But I'm talking about some of the naughty things I see happening on my Tumblr page.  Is it possible that during the porn movie days, these women accepted that nudity and sex were natural things and now, they are older and just don't care? Are these women baby-boomers who lived in the free-love days and still appreciate that sex is okay?

It doesn’t escape me that perhaps some of the images I see are taken of women who are somehow being exploited.  I mean, that is a sad fact of porn, and also a sad fact of life in general.  But what I’m talking about are the images of people who are clearly into it.  Even if they had no idea thier husband was going to share these pictures, they were into the taking of the pics at the time. 

Do I just over think this stuff?  I mean, my wife thinks nothing of sending nude pics to her BF, so why should I be shocked if fifteen years from now she is doing the same thing?   Perhaps these older women I’m seeing on Tumblr are just continuing a free spirit they’ve enjoyed throughout their lives or perhaps they just gotten into nude pictures in their later stages of life. 

We can all appreciate a MILF, but if you get a wild hair, do a search for GILF.  I think you will be surprised at the number of women in thier sixties, seventies and perhaps older who are happily posing in the nude, having sex, or as is often the case, just posing in a sexually teasing way.  Exposed cleavage, topless on a beach, or just looking beautiful. 

Is it just older and middle aged guys like me who have a thing for women who have maintained thier beauty into thier silver years, or are there younger men who can appreciate these grandmothers in all thier glory? 

I think when I was in my teens I often imagined myself having sex with the older ladies in my life.  If they had Tumblr or something similar at that age, it would have been awkward to be caught jacking myself to these images.  We aren’t talking Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, but more like Helen Mirren or Jane Fonda.  Those are glamorous women, to be sure, but I find myself attracted to just normal women who happen to be older than me. 

So tell me, am I just a perv?  Well, of course I am but I guess I’m asking the extended network of perverts who read this blog, am I the only guy into older women?   Any younger readers who find these silver haired gals to be attractive?

As always, I appreciate your comments and e-mails.


bdenied said...

nah older women can be sexy as hell....personally I dont even think a woman is really sexy until she hits 40...By 45 she is smoking hot....at 50 she will venture outside her marriage with little guilt and at 60 she is happy that there are men who want to fuck her so she is happy to open her legs and tell them as long as they keep coming by she will keep fucking.

lovetosubmit said...

I have a thing for MILFs (my wife is one). Big Soccer Mom fan. Just the idea of a woman/mother enjoying sex is really very hot to me. Most porn "MILF" stars are simply older cougar looking women but there are a few that are actually mothers. To me, that's very hot. And I tend to shy away from younger porn starlets as it sorta creeps me out that they are likely close to my own kids' ages now.