Saturday, January 12, 2019

And Then She Pegged Me...

I came home from work late and quickly invited my wife to dinner at our local place.  Afterwards I suggested the hot tub and instead of us both taking a soak, it was me spending fifteen minutes nude for the neighbors to enjoy. 

I came in with the intention of getting dressed but my wife playfully asked if I’d like to be pegged the way JD had been the other day.

My first thought was no, but the idea that my wife was asking seemed important. 

"Why?", I asked.

"Because I want to feel the power." 

Before I could answer, she was reaching for her briefcase of toys.

Good enough for me. 

Instead of getting dressed after the hot tub, I walked to the end of the bed and stood there knowing that I’d be bending over in a minute. I told my wife I needed lube for sure and with toys scattered across the bed, she raced to the bathroom to grab an industrial sized bottle of some anal lube she picked up at her women's sex store.

We've tried pegging in the past, a few times.  In most cases it was more of sexual hijinx, just playfully giving it a try.  Truth is, I've fantasized a lot about being pegged, though in my mind, it isn't my wife doing the pegging but rather some other woman.  Perhaps a wife of a friend pegging me while I blow her husband. 

This is really a tangent of sorts, but I'm almost done reading  Esther Perel's "The State of Affairs" (which I highly recommend).  She hits on several areas that help me understand my own marriage and the feelings I have sexually about my wife.  One area she covers is the fact that some couples become so much like siblings in their relationship that they can no longer imagine certain sexual things.  She does a much better job of explaining it, but what I take from it is, I find it easier to see my wife doing naughty things with another man than to do those naughty things myself.  Likewise, me opening myself up to having some other woman peg me seems less risky than having my own wife perform the act.

Anyway, that didn't stop me last night. 

She handed me one of the many vibrators that littered our bedspread and with the strap contraption firmly harnessed in place, she inserted the medium size dildo.  While I held the vibe on my dick for pleasure, she greased up the dildo and dripped some lube in my ass crack.  I whispered, "slowly" several times.
It was a reasonably slow start, but the fact is, my hole is no stranger to having things inserted.  Aside from a few hiccups, where her height (or lack of it) caused us to not line up, she was able to create a rhythm of back and forth rocking. 

Within a few minutes, we both agreed I could graduate to the next size up.  More lube, more height adjustments, more rocking back and forth.  Here's the truth though.  I just couldn't get into it.

Mentally, I'm turned on by the fact that my wife wants to do this, if only for her to feel the power of what it is like for a man to fuck someone. And I'm also turned on that JD is coming out of his shell and opening up to anal play.  But as I mentioned before, I have my own mental block to freeing my mind enough to really get into it with my wife behind the strap-on. 

Once she had her fun, she tossed the harness and took her position on the bed.  I grabbed the large size solid black dildo with the veins and head made to look like a huge cock with balls at the base.  Not for my ass, but certainly size her vagina can handle.  As I rammed that big boy in and out of her, I used another vibrator to tease and tingle her clit.  It took only minutes of this play to create several loud orgasms. 

Fun times.


bdenied said...

oh wow, you are a lucky guy indeed that she wanted to do that...That in itself makes that very sexy

Southern Swinger said...

Something we tried a few times. My wife enjoyed doing it and so did I. My wife was bi and her strapon and dildo were for her use with other females and was a little large for me. But was fun.

JFBreak said...

I think the concept of men being pegged is getting more and more accepted by the primarily heterosexual married community. Then again, so is outside relations. I know neither concept is for everyone, but for those of us who have tasted the fun, it is a great experience.