Sunday, February 10, 2019

IGHIH: Chocolate

It isn't even Valentines day yet but my wife and her BF, JD busted out a small jar of sex chocolate that she received from the lady at her favorite woman owned sex boutique when she bought some outfits. 

There were two weeks in a row that I wasn't able to get out of work and make the drive home soon enough to join in on the fun.  We've had this arrangement long enough now that everyone understands that sometimes I can make it, sometimes I can't.  Likewise, there are times when a scheduled visit has to be cancelled because JD has work obligations. 

In a way, I'm a lot more comfortable that they both feel comfortable to play without me.  It isn't some cuckold fetish that drives me to want to be cheated on, though I've had that fantasy in years past.  This is just more of a good feeling that everything going on is cool with all of us in whatever format the sex happens to take place.  In short, we have a good thing going here.

So back to this chocolate.  I got into my truck to start the drive home and checked my messages.  The first thing I saw was what looked like some sort of deformed dick.  It took me a few seconds to realize that JD's cock was covered in chocolate.  I chuckled to myself. 

And then we have the obligatory painted on chocolate nipples.  Can we all agree that boobs, with or without chocolate are just fun? 

I was told later that there was a lot more to the action that afternoon than just the pictures I was sent.  JD has been opening up more and more to ass play.  It is now a standard that when my wife opens up her toy box, he will expect the vibrating anal plug to be placed in him.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  Guys, if you aren't exploring your hole with your partner, at least lock yourself in a bathroom and try it for yourself.  There is nothing gay, if that is what stops you, with finding pleasure via the prostate, and the only way to get there is through your ass hole. (unless you guys have figured out some other way - then please inform me).

My wife rode my dick that evening and described how JD gave her several orgasms with his mouth, fingers and one of the vibrators she has.  She also told me how his dick was so hard while she blew him, vibrator buzzing away up his butt.
As she sucked him, he guided her into a 69 so that when he blew his load, he could spray her tits.  If only I could have made it home quick enough to clean that mess!


CuriousRob said...

Man, I love your stories! What I wouldn't give to be there with you!

Simplicity said...

Can I be In The middle?

Advizor54 said...

Well, it is easy to admit that you had a much better Valentine's Day than I did. Thanks for sharing.

JFBreak said...

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, life is good.