Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not so Beautiful Lady...

I'm sure I'm not the only guy who has ever had a fantasy that goes something like this.  I am at a hotel bar (out of town on business) just having a beer after dinner when I spot this incredibly attractive woman.  Of course, she is in full war-paint, made up like she is going out for a night on the town.  She has incredible long legs, her skirt is a bit too short and her cleavage is spilling out of her top.  This is a woman who is clearly out of my league and I stand no chance of even asking her the time of day much less to have a seat at my table.

But because this is a fantasy, she somehow joins me and we make small talk as she does all those sexy things that women in movies do.  For no other reason than things work out this way in my mind, she is walking with me to the elevator and once inside and the door shuts, we are kissing.  It has been so long since I have kissed a woman with great passion, and this woman really works for me.  I grab her ass, it is so perfect, and fondle her as we continue to kiss, breaking it off only when we arrive to my floor.

Once in the bedroom, I offer her the restroom if she needs it but she declines.  Instead, she is ready for action now.  My mind races, of course, contemplating condoms and such.  I have never cheated on my wife like this, and since I'm fixed, condoms aren't something I keep with me, but why would this beautiful woman come to my room if she wasn't some how infected with something.   I decide to take the risk.  I just have to taste this woman.

We continue to make out and now, my slacks are somewhere on the floor.  My tie and shirt manage to remove themselves and  my fully erect penis is being grabbed by the incredibly sexy woman.  There is so much of a chance that I am going to shoot my load in her hand because I haven't been this turned on in a decade.

She remains fully dressed in spite of my efforts to grab at her skirt and her top.  I want those tits in my mouth and I damn sure plan to eat her pussy until she soaks my face with her juices.  She whispers that she would like to blow me, but concerned about my sudden urge to unload, I believe it would be best if I serviced her first.  At least then, I wouldn't feel bad about cumming in 12 seconds.

As I move my hands to reach for her panties beneath her skirt - my plan is to simply gain access, she is suddenly nervous.  Of course, you dear reader know exactly where this is going, don't you?

In my fantasy, when it is revealed to me that this stunningly beautiful woman happens to have a dick, I do not miss a beat.  I blow her.  I look into her beautiful eyes as I enjoy every inch of her dick, caress her balls and finger her ass.  I am in heaven.


So one night about 12 years ago, I went into a neighborhood bar that offered a Karaoke night and drew a good crowd.  I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer, surveyed the room and sitting a few stools away from me was a man dressed as a woman.  It was horrific.  It is possible he had been forced as part of a lost bet to do this.  He had make-up on, but over his five-o'clock shadow of a beard.

Needless to say, my fantasy still has not come true.


Anonymous said...

I would love to experience that also. Be better if it was a threesome with another guy or even the wife!

Anonymous said...

My partner is also interested in attractive trannies, but the problem is fulfilling the "attractive" part. The ones we know to be trannies are... eh... not about to fool anyone, and not attractive as man, woman, or in between.

I suppose that we simply would not even know about the attractive ones, and they have their pick of men and couples who share this fantasy!

JFBreak said...

I guess we all have to move to Brazil. Apparently, all the women down there are actually beautiful men!