Thursday, December 8, 2011

Savage Love

I have heard of Dan Savage, the writer, advice giver, and sex expert for years, but aside from a few visits to his web page and watching a few things on YouTube, I had not really paid much attention to him.  That was until I found his podcasts.

I have recently just given up on radio during the 30 minute drive to work and back home each day.  I went onto iTunes thinking I might make some mixed music CD's when I located their collection of free podcasts.  There are thousands!   I downloaded a few that are supposed to teach you Spanish.  We'll see how that goes.  There were loads of comedy podcasts, but based on the descriptions, none of them really caught my eye.  If anyone has any recommendations, please send my way!  Then I saw Dan Savage and just looking at some of the descriptions, I was ready to try.  I downloaded probably ten or so, just to give it a try.  I can tell you that I honestly took the long way home the other day, just because I was so in to the calls.

In case you have never heard of this guy or his podcasts, he has people call his answering machine and leave messages with their question.  They are mostly sex related questions - my husband wants me to fuck his friend but I'm not sure (that will really perk me up), or my co-worker thinks that a finger in the ass is fine, but a strap-on makes you gay.  Savage then provides responses, but in some cases, he calls the people back and they have a full discussion about the topic.  It was hilarious when he talked to these two co-workers (one guy, one girl) who were just friends, but had the discussion about whether strap-on sex was gay or not.  Aside from the advice, the guy had agreed to let Savage settle their bet, and if he agreed that it was not gay, the female co-worker got to use the strap-on on her male co-worker.  You of course, know how that one ended.

I've only been listening for this week, and granted, many of the podcasts I have downloaded are dated (several years old) so there are some discussions of current events that are out of date, but all in all, this is exactly what I have needed.  I love, love, LOVE hearing about other people's questions, issues and ideas about sex.  I genuinely believe that many of us simply need someone else to confirm that we are not alone on the island of whatever our particular kink happens to be.  One example is this whole concept of wife-sharing or cuckoldry or hotwife stuff - whatever you care to call it.  In a matter of minutes, in response to a female caller who was trying to understand her boyfriend's interest in this, Savage had explained it in a way that I had never considered before, and honestly, I felt a relief as I was driving down the road.  Somebody gets it besides me, and somebody - apparently a lot of somebodies, get off on it like me.

Anyway, I don't want to go on and on about it, but if you are looking for something interesting to listen to, give Dan Savage a try.


Anonymous said...

My first exposure to Savage was an article about a convention with which I was heavily involved. He tried to fetishize the activities of the convention. Yes, there was some kink, but nothing like he tried to exaggerate. I found the whole article offensive and insulting, so have since always scowled at his name.

But the man has contributed a lot of great things towards sex understanding. I should try to get past that first sour impression and see whether I like the bulk of his work.

Anonymous said...

Totally will thanks for the info! who doesn;t like to hear or talk about sex???