Monday, October 1, 2012

Repost: The Story of Rick...

Several years into being experienced players in the MFM game, my wife and I had what turned out to be a short lived  series of encounters with our third partner.  Rick was a guy I had worked with for several years who was not particularly liked by my wife for really, no good reason.  We had been to a house warming party at his home years earlier, and my wife took a small tumble off his poorly lighted wooden deck into a small cactus bush.  You can imagine her embarrassment, but over time, she associated that incident with Rick.  Even though he and I continued to be friends and co-workers, she never seemed keen on the idea of going to visit him or his wife!

Aside from her distaste for Rick, she did invite him to a promotion party in my honor at our home.  As it turns out, he was going through a pretty nasty divorce at the time, and my wife found herself cornered by him, pouring out his heart regarding all the things he had been through in recent months.  My wife actually came up to me later and told me how bad she felt for Rick and how we should really invite him over more often.  Suddenly, I could see a little look in my wife's eyes that I had recognized before - an interest!

That evening as the party started to wind down and guests were leaving, I asked Rick to take a short ride with me to the store.  During the drive, I told him I would explain more later, but I needed him to be sure he was the last guest to leave that night.  When he pressed for more, I simply told him that sometimes my wife likes to "show off" to my friends, and if he is lucky, he may get to see her tits.  This was enough for him.

Close to 1am, the last group of people had left the party and as I cleaned things up, my wife and Rick were again deep in conversation.  Only now, armed with the knowledge that something good might happen, and not to mention an evenings worth of beer, Rick was making every attempt to guide all discussions towards sex.  My wife can flirt with the best of them, so this was no uncharted territory for her.  Somehow, the topic of kissing came up and Rick had claimed that he was an expert kisser.  I definitely stirred at hearing this course of discussions.

With the kids upstairs and presumably asleep, I joined in the conversation and started to suggest a little contest - my usual MO for getting the fun going.  I had learned years earlier that watching my wife kiss another man was a huge turn on for me, and I certainly wasn't going to let the opportunity pass this evening.  It didn't take long for my wife to catch on to where I was trying to lead things and she took charge of the moment and said, "Rick, this is going to seem strange, but my husband gets off on this." And with that, she leaned into him and the two began a kiss that lasted close to a minute.

When they stopped, she let out a little laugh and Rick looked at me with that deer in the headlights look as if to ask if this was okay.  Before he could say a word, she leaned back in and they went for a longer, more passionate kiss complete with full tongue action.  I was instantly hard.

When they broke off the second kiss, I jokingly said, "You think that's good, you ought to feel her tits!"  With that, Rick took a bold move of reaching under her sweat shirt to place his hand on one of her tits.

Just then, we heard a sound up stairs and moments later my daughter walked down.  That would be the end of any games that evening, but it fueled the fires of all three of us for the next chance to play.

Over the years that my wife and I enjoyed bringing a few different friends into our sex lives, the encounters were never planned events.  We would never set a date and say on this date, we'll invite so and so over to the house to engage in three way sex.  Though it was ALWAYS in the back of my mind when our friends would visit to see how we might end up in bed, my wife had to be in a certain mood to want to go for it.  But during the regular course of one on one sex, more often than not we would use the encounters with other partners as part of our sex talk.  It was not uncommon for my wife to make up a fantasy encounter with a person we know, a co-worker of hers or mine, or a neighbor, and give me incredible details of how this person had seduced her and what he had done to her.  These stories would always send me over the edge.  She got very good at interweaving bits and pieces of truth into the stories so at times, it was not uncommon for me to start to believe that the encounter had actually taken place.

Because Rick was involved in a divorce situation, he was sharing custody of his kids.  This meant that the next chance for him to visit us would be two weeks after the party when his ex would have the kids for the weekend.  During the course of those two weeks, he and I had engaged in discussions at work where I laid out the story of how my wife and I had occasionally participated in MFM sex.   I wasn't promising him  that he was going to be the next to join the club, but it did help that my wife felt sorry for him in his marital situation, and the fact that she was somewhat impressed with his kissing skills.  Aware of his obvious distaste for any hint of homosexual activity, I never expanded upon how much I got off on seeing them kiss or how much I would enjoy going down on my wife as he fucked her.  The only additional information I gave him was that if we did end up doing it, he must pull out as my wife was not on the pill.

As the weekend approached, my wife had asked me if I thought it would be nice to invite Rick to go out with us - just to get him out of his house.  I was all for it and suggested that we go to a small little bar near our house to play pool and have a few beers.  During that week, I had brought up the idea of us inviting Rick to join us in bed, but each time, she would laugh it off and tell me not to even think it!  But when Friday night rolled around, it was pretty obvious to me that she was dressing for fun.

Rick arrived at our house and we had a few beers  as my wife finished getting herself ready.  She was wearing a white shirt that clung extremely close to her 34C tits and a plaid skirt that seemed to be in fashion at the time - sort of the school girl look.  She had on thigh high stockings and a matching black lace bra and pantie set.  The white shirt was one of those thick but clingy fabrics that, though you could see the faint outline of her bra, it wasn't obvious that it was black unless you caught a peek of the straps depending on how the shirt moved with her shoulders.  Rick and I were both in jeans and polo shirts, so we felt pretty casual going into the country bar up the street.

This had only been the second or possibly third time my wife or I had been to this particular bar in the years that we had lived nearby, so we really had no idea what sort of crowd would be there.  The layout of the bar turned out to be very helpful to our little game that evening though.  For it being a Friday night, it was totally dead.  In the front part, they had a long bar that wrapped from one side all the way around about three quarters of the way in an L-shape.  Between the bar and the front door, there were assorted tables, a small stage, juke box and a few TVs mounted on the walls.  Where the bar wrapped to the back wall, there was a small entry way leading to the restrooms and then a smaller room a step down containing two pool tables, another group of maybe 4 or 5 tables with chairs, a second juke box and one TV mounted on the wall.  This back area had a small window bar that allowed the same bartender covering the front bar to serve the people in the back pool room.

When we first walked in, we noticed an attractive bar tender lady, and two people sitting a few chairs apart from each other at the bar, and another couple.  We immediately walked to the back area to hope for a pool table and were all surprised to find the place empty.  This seemed pretty uncommon for a Friday night at any bar, but we were more than happy to enjoy the place to ourselves.

I quickly ordered up a pitcher of beer and Rick dropped some quarters into the slot to get us started with the first game of pool.  We decided we would simply take turns with the person sitting out playing the winner each time.  I suggested my wife play Rick first, and I'd sit back and watch them.  I was eager to see how quickly either of the two would take advantage of the situation - no spectators besides me - to start up the little flirtatious game that I had every hope of leading to an MFM, or at minimum, some more kissing by the two of them.

I have always enjoyed the idea of daring public displays, women flashing truckers or people daring to have sex in a secluded yet potentially visible place. On many occasions over the years, my wife has flashed me in public and we have had sex in outdoors areas (camping, in rivers, on a mountain etc), but we had never done anything like include a third person, openly flirting with a man other than her husband in public.  That Friday night, we would push the envelope well beyond my wildest expectations.

Based upon our conversations during the previous few weeks, Rick was fully aware that I was open to anything, though he was also aware that my wife would be the final say on what she would and would not do.  So, he decided if all he had to do was convince her to let him in, he would get started immediately convincing her.

During the first game, when my wife had to lean over the table to make a shot, he positioned himself directly in front of her and gazed down the front of her shirt and commented on how nice it would be if she lost the bra.  She offered it to him if he could beat her.  I thought to myself, "we'll be fucking on the table in twenty minutes if it's going to be this easy"!  And As Rick and I played our first game together, my wife came out of the ladies room with her bra folded in her hand and asked Rick if he'd like to put it in his pocket or should she hold it for him in her purse?  I was quickly looking around to see if the bartender or anyone else was watching us, but we were left alone to our own devices.

As the games progressed, the flirting escalated.  At one point, while my wife took a shot, I took my pool cue and lifted the back of her skirt to expose her thigh-high stockings and panties.  Rick asked if he needed to win another game to get those into her purse as well.  As we drank another pitcher of beer, we were paying less attention to the pool games and more attention to how many dares my wife was willing to go for.  For example, at one point while Rick was soaking in the cleavage of her nice tits during a shot, I suggested that he could get a better view if she would raise her shirt for him.  I guess she was in the zone because she quickly looked around and seeing the coast was clear, lifted her shirt up to flash her tits in Ricks face.  Just as quickly, she pulled her shirt back down and went on to take another pool shot out of turn.  Needless to say, Rick didn't mind.

Several more times before our time at the bar ended, she had allowed Rick to see and even feel her boobs, and more than once, she rubbed her ass against his hard dick hidden only by his jeans. By the time we ordered our third pitcher of beer, the fun had to be cut short because apparently, other people realized it was Friday, and two couples came into the back area to play pool.  They were playing teams on the other pool table, but it was obvious we had to tone down our play.

At this point, I whispered to my wife that maybe we should take the party back to our house and she gave me a very deep, sloppy French kiss to show approval.  As I settled up with the bartender, she went off to the ladies room and Rick went to the men's room.  The bartender asked me to step up to the other side so she could give me my change so when I did, I was now standing where people in the front of the bar could see me.  Just as I finished getting my change, my wife walked in from the bathroom and planted another sloppy wet kiss on me.  It was clear she was having a great time and enjoying being the center of attention - in public.  We broke it off when Rick walked up the step and I told the two of them I better hit the mens room before our short drive back to the house.

If what took place later that evening in our bedroom had never occurred, the night would have been a total success in my eyes, because when I returned from the mens room, Rick and my wife were standing in the doorway of the bar with lips locked.  All eyes in the bar were on them as I walked up to them and asked, "Ready to go?"  With that, my wife grabbed my hand with one hand, then grabbed Ricks with the other and Rick led the way out the door.  I couldn't help looking back and catching the confused look on the bartender's face.

We only live a minute from the bar and on the way to the house, I reminded Rick that we would have to be mindful of the kids, at that time in their early teens.  When we got to the house, both kids were still up but in the age of video games and movies, they were already heading for their rooms.  We decided to head out to our back deck and enjoy the cool night and a few more beers.  With all the lights off, and the thick cover of trees throughout the neighborhood, it was very dark outside.  We sat around and chatted for a while with mostly small talk, and because of the concern that the kids were home, it seemed to deflate everyones interest in flirting or flashing.  At some point, I suggested that we go lay out on the trampoline in the yard and look up at the stars.  Rick and my wife agreed and when they walked out to climb up, I excused myself to go check on the kids.

I quietly made my way upstairs to check on the kids and was pleased to see find that both seemed to be down for the night.  I quickly went into our bedroom and checked to make sure it looked respectable - not that it would matter later - and I took a quick peek out the back window into the yard.  It was extremely dark but I could see the faint outline of two people locked in an embrace. I suddenly felt that rush of adrenaline that I hadn't experienced in some time.  Knowing that before long, I'd watch another guy fuck my wife. It had been at while since our regular fuck-buddy had moved away and I honestly never expected we would do this again.

I walked out into the dark backyard as quietly as I could, though I'm sure the two could hear me, and I dove onto the trampoline sending them bouncing to much muffled laughter.  I asked to no one in particular, "Are we having fun yet?"  With that, my wife said that she was going to go upstairs and Rick and I should give her a few minutes.

There is sort of a strange feeling that occurs as you are laying alone on a trampoline with another guy who is about to go into your bedroom, strip his clothes off and then fuck your wife.  I have never been the other guy, so I don't have that perspective, but from my point of view it has always been about wanting to make sure my wife is pleasured as much as possible, making sure the other guy knows to pull out, and hoping to convey to the other guy that I am cool with it as long as he is respectful.  By this point in the evening, I was no longer getting the "Are you sure about this?" look from Rick.  He knew my wife and I had been down this road a few times before and he was about to get a nice ride.

I asked Rick if he wanted one more beer before we went up and he said he would finish the one he had open, so we went back over to the patio chairs and  waited about 4 or 5 minutes.  As soon as I heard the water pipes along the wall I knew that my wife was leaving the bathroom and heading into the bed. That was the cue and off we went.

We made our way upstairs and as quietly as possible entered the room.  I shut the door and locked it behind us.  My wife laid in the bed under covers and Rick and I quickly stripped.  There is always this awkward pause the first time because the new guy isn't sure of the protocol usually.  Do we take turns, does only one guy get on the bed at a time.  Luckily, my wife could sense Rick's uneasiness and reached out for him.  I waited until he was fully on the bed kissing her before I went to the other side and pulled the covers back. Now, they would have to wiggle around to pull the other side of the sheets and blanket away and this was enough movement to allow me to slide into the bed.

In all honesty, the sequence of events are somewhat a blur as it had been a long night fueled by many beers, but the action we enjoyed involved taking turns eating my wifes pussy, while the guy not eating her would be receiving oral from her, lots of tit sucking, and finally, my wife telling Rick she wanted his dick in her.  This became sort of awkward for him because he didn't know the logistics of how one guy fucks a lady with another guy in the same bed without some sort of touching going on.  I could sense this in him so I simply got off the bed and went to the restroom to take a leak.  Because we were operating on a lights out scenario, there was no chance that I could simply sit back on a chair beside the bed and watch, so it would have seemed just as awkward for me to stand there in the dark. I figured in the several minutes it would take for me to get my dick soft enough to piss, my wife would have enough time to put Rick at ease enough to get some good action going.

When I returned to the bed, they were in a missionary position and he was going to town with her.  Knowing I would want to be back in the action, she whispered to Rick to move up to her so she could suck his dick.  As soon as he was clear from her pussy, I buried my face in her twat lapping up the moist juices that my wife had produced, and inhaling the smell of her "violated" pussy.  I'm not sure whether or not any of this registered with Rick, whether or not he might be put off by the fact that I was eating pussy after his dick had just been pounding, but I saw no difference in the fact that throughout the evening, we had both been kissing her lips, both been sucking her tits and both been eating her pussy, I wasn't about to let the fact that his dick had just been in her stop me.

The combination of having just been fucked and now my eating her proved fruitful for my wife who cums very easily.  Thankfully, she had Ricks average to small sized dick sliding in and out of her to muffle the sounds of her whimpers as she exploded all over my face. After the orgasm had subsided, she pushed Rick away and motioned for him to lay on his back.  I moved myself up to wear my head was on the pillow and simply laid down to rest as she climbed atop him and began to slowly ride his dick.  I knew that she would cum within another few minutes of this, but I was unsure of how the large amount of beer consumed during the evening would impact his ability to cum, and more importantly, his ability to pull out once he felt the urge to blow a load.  In a way, this was part of the emotional roller coaster that I found such a turn on about this lifestyle.

As my wife slowly fucked my friend, he was constantly fondling her tits and she would ask him to bite her large nipples.  She has cum from this alone in the past and I had to admire his technique.  She was definitely enjoying the experience.  It was hard to make out, but after several minutes I could her her telling him that he needed to cum on her tits.  My mind raced because in my fantasy world, I had dreamed of someday eating my wife immediately after another man had delivered his fresh load into her pussy.  But the reality was, she does not use birth control due to the fact that I had been fixed after our second kid, so there was no way she was letting Rick fill her pussy.  Just then, they rolled over with her back landing partially on my legs and Rick pulled out and sprayed cum on her stomach and tits.

Within seconds, he was on his back on the bed exhausted and panting hard like someone who had just run several miles.  My wife lifted herself on top of me and mounted her wet pussy on my my dick. The combination of sweat and Ricks cum rubbed on our stomachs as my wife rode me to a quick explosion in less than a minute or two.  The three of us lay together spent but only for a few minutes.  Rick began to put on his cloths to make a hasty exit but my wife insisted that he stay the night.  She threw on a t-shirt and some sweats and grabbed him a spare blanket for the couch downstairs.  It was already close to 2 am.

By 6 am, Rick had left for the drive home but called us around 8 that morning to see if we were cool with everything.  My wife just laughed and asked him if he was okay.  She had been down this road before.


G said...

Wow, so hot! I wish my husband is ok with kissing. His limits on what I can enjoy with another man is what led me to cheat. If he was as cool as you about it all I would be so happy.

JFBreak said...

It is sad that he can handle a guy putting his dick in your mouth but not his tongue. Just saying.