Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weird Dream...

It must have been the chili I had for dinner last night because I had a weird guilt filled dream last night about this young female co-worker who sits just outside my office.  She is a young officer, just out of school and aside from the fact that she is a female, I have no real attraction to her at all. We have these awkward moments passing one another in the hall as she apologizes way too much as if she is in my way or something.

Anyway, last night in this dream we were working together in one of those open classroom situations where everyone is seated at tables instead of individual school desks.  No idea what we were doing there, but she was my desk partner.  At some point, there was this sudden connection and I could sense that she was starting to look at me in the way a woman might give hints to a guy that she is interested. The prudish co-workers around me could sense this as well, because I was getting looks from them.

Next thing I know, she has figured out a away to show me her panties.  I am of course, hooked.  At some point she attempts to kiss me, but I turn away.  It's too late, she is now hooked.  As co-workers continue to give me the look and openly talk about how bad I am to be doing this, I am shown her pubic area (this girl needs a trim) and eventually, I kiss her.

At this point in the dream it turns really bad.  She starts asking me when I will be divorcing my wife and when she can move in.  Oh for the love of God.  I spend the rest of the dream trying to figure out how to explain to her that just because we kissed and just because she let me see her pussy, it doesn't mean I'm leaving my wife.

Am I the only person who has dreams like this?  When I go to work this morning, should I go to this young lady and suggest she trim up her lady area a bit?  Probably not.

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Anonymous said...

We all do. My mind has a terrible habit of shutting itself down. The dreams always start out cool and end up awkward or boring, or just too realistic...And real life is a place where I am not often a winner.