Friday, November 2, 2012

Repost: Cheating. The Turn On...

This is yet another re-post of something that was long ago deleted from the blog.  The co-worker mentioned in the post is the same guy I blogged about a month ago, "Rick".  You can read his story here.

Some of the blogs and forums I follow (see the list of favorites on the right side of the page) revolve around the theme of the so-called "Hotwife". For those not familiar with the terminology, many people use the term hotwife to describe a married woman who sleeps with other men but does so with the knowledge and consent of her husband. Though it hasn't happened recently, that description has applied to my own wife.

So among the people who participate in this lifestyle, or people who enjoy reading about it whether they have actually done it or not, there are varying levels of acceptance for different practices. You have your guys who take it to a level of humiliation which are fairly frowned upon by some of the others. These Cucks will lock their dicks into little cages so as not to allow an erection or ability to whack-off. Some will act as man-servants for the wife and her lover, or do things to come across as wimpy losers, even allowing the guy banging their wife to call them humiliating names. I would say these guys represent one extreme of the game.

You then have other guys on another extreme who are only interested in a very controlled situation where the invited third party is simply there to be a stunt-dick. There will be no kissing, no oral, basically, the husband allows the other guy to enhance the sex game with his wife, probably because of his physical advantages - the guy is really hung. There isn't a whole lot of room for the wife to "make love" to the third because the husband is only getting off on the penis being there, but none of the associated good time that goes with it. I say get a big huge flesh-like dildo if that is your attitude.

Another area that seems to be in contention amongst the various players who engage in this lifestyle is cheating. How do you define cheating?  For some, cheating could be as simple as e-mails or chats via the Internet that one's spouse is not aware of. If that is the case, I am a huge cheater, and so is my wife! Others would say that cheating must involve a sexual relationship carried on over a period of time.

But what happens when a husband has given his wife permission - let me rephrase that - what happens when a husband is cool with his wife having sex with other men? Is the woman cheating if she has sex with another guy but the husband doesn't know about it? I think so. What if the woman has sex with another guy, then comes home and tells the husband all about it? I don't think that is cheating, I think it is fun!

Okay, so now that you know where I am coming from (and geeze, it sure took a lot to get here), this is the story about my wife cheating with a guy we had mutually agreed to invite home for a threesome.

The guy was/is a co-worker of mine who was going through a divorce. We had finally convinced him to get out of the house and come over for a party. As the party began to wind down and guests were leaving, I pulled him aside and suggested that he had a little too much to drink and it might be best if he stay a while. And then, I made it easier for him to choose by saying that I promised, it would be worth his while.

Skipping all the details of several weeks that went by, we ended up having him over twice for threesomes. The second threesome ended abruptly when I made a tactical error of attempting to finger my wife while he had his dick inside her. That was a little too gay for him and he promptly got dressed and went downstairs. My wife told me that it just was not worth the effort with him because his dick was smaller than mine. I guess that's a compliment.

I went on a business trip and was gone for two weeks out of the country. When I returned, there was one of those hair raising on the back of my neck moments that just caused me to believe something was going on. Through a series of non-accusatory conversations, my wife "admitted" to going to this friends house and to attending a party with him. Of course, I assumed that my wife slept with him and all I wanted was the details. To me, it was no big deal. He had already fucked her with me present in our own bed, why would I be upset if she fucked him at his house? I was prepared to hear all the gory details and frankly, to get off on it.

I even approached my friend at work and he was only willing to admit to or confirm exactly what she would admit to. That is, yes, she had come to his house and yes, he took her to a party at a neighbors home. That was it. The two of them seemed to be coordinating rather well to keep their stories straight. I finally decided that it must have all just been an innocent friendly thing.

That was until another co-worker, a lady who sat near this guy asked if she could talk to me in private. She cut right to the chase and told me she didn't care about the little sex games I might be into, but that I needed to know that this friend was banging my wife and that my wife was constantly calling him at work. I thanked her for the info and assured her everything was cool but I appreciated if she would keep it all on the down low.

That night, my wife and I played the confession game. This is where as I slowly fuck her, she confesses her sins. I could be a priest, you know. I questioned her about details of the visit to the friends house, the timing of the party, and was she sure that nothing happened? Was she sure there was no kissing? As the details emerged, it came out that she had been to his house multiple times and there might have been some light making out or showing of the tits and maybe his small dick had found its way to her pussy. Maybe he had fucked her on the stairs, she just couldn't remember the details.

So you would think that I would have been totally pissed off at my wife and my friend for betraying me in such a way, but the truth is, I came, and I came hard with every little detail.

About a year and a half later, my friend got remarried and while I was the best man at his wedding, my wife made an excuse not to attend. She felt it would be awkward that she had met some of the people who would be at the wedding at the earlier party she had attended. Anyway, several months into the marriage (which didn't last), I was at the friend's house watching football with him when his wife joined me on the couch and began a conversation that could only be described as personal. It was half time and my friend was out back working on the grill. Long story short, she wanted to see my dick and that was enough to give me an erection. I lifted the waistband of my shorts and let her play with my dick for a few seconds. She said mine was definitely bigger than his. I wanted so bad to say, "Yea, my wife says the same thing" but I restrained myself.

I don't know what prompted this from his wife and during the times I visited, it never happened again, but in the end, I felt like we were even.

Of course, I never confessed this to my wife - or the friend.

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