Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BBS: My Sex Education...

Before there was such a thing as AOL or the standard Internet that we all depend on to get our porn and gutter blog fixes from, us older guys and gals used to dial into BBS or Bulletin Board Systems.  Everything was slow and often confusing, trying to navigate a single screen view at a time.  Kids, you don't ever want to have to live through that again, so that is reason enough to avoid nuclear war!

It did not take me long to turn from the political rants that could be found on these BBS's to the much more interesting adult story boards and often, the availability of pictures.  Not just pictures of big boobs and such, but in some cases, pictures of same sex couples and orgies.  I was in heaven.

Through messages and eventually in person, I met a man, Vern,  who would end up teaching me more about my own interests and sexuality than I had learned through all other sources up to that point in my life, as well as a lot about computers and the new Internet.  He and his live-in girlfriend, Jo Ann were probably old enough to be my parents, in fact, he retired from the Air Force the same year I joined! Oh the experiences he had lived and would share with me, matter-of-factly.  When it was clear that I showed an interest in stories about MFM threesomes and the idea of watching my wife with another man, something I had yet to actually do at that point, he was open about the fact that he and Jo Ann had participated in such activities from time to time.  Later, when I confessed to sometimes having the desire to perform oral on a man, he told me that he routinely allowed several male associates to fellate him, since a blow job was a blow job, regardless of who gave it to him.

For me, this entire experience was like meeting some sort of sex version of the Dali Lama.  There was nothing, in my mind, attractive about the man; he was just some guy you might see sitting in the lobby at McDonald's, sipping on his senior coffee and reading the paper.  You would never expect that he had an enormous, and I mean huge penis, that he had on many occasions in his military career as a security forces member, been asked by fellow military guys to fuck their wives because his dick was so huge. Yet his humble, pleasant personality made him not seem like a threat to a marriage, and you could understand why a guy might be willing to throw caution to the wind in favor of seeing his wife pleasured by such a specimen.  The man was easy to trust, and though he might make a polite comment about how attractive your wife was, I don't think any of the other men he confided in would fear that he was going to steal their wife.  And though Vern had met my wife a time or two, there was never any thought of introducing his huge penis to her, simply because an older guy was not in the cards for her.

Fast forward - I had known Vern for several years, and in fact, my wife and I had already begun our period of threesomes with buddies of ours when I got a note from him one day informing me that he had begun an interesting arrangement with a young military co-worker of his.  For clarity, I should point out that following his military retirement, he worked at one of the local bases as a contractor doing computer work.  Anyway, one of the airmen, a black guy married to a white lady had confessed to Vern that he was bisexual.  Their conversations led to introductions with the wife and eventually, a series of photo shoots with the couple.  We met for coffee and he showed me the pictures.  Almost all were of her in a golden bikini, taken with her posing on a couch or by a fireplace. She was cute, dirty blond hair, and very thin at least for my tastes, but  given the circumstances, this was very sexy stuff.  The last few pictures showed her topless.  By today's standard, this was PG-13.  Your neighbor has probably shown more skin at a New Year's Eve party.

We were still communicating by BBS even after I got my first monthly subscription to AOL, and at that time, I think the BBS was just as quick.  Vern told me that things with his young couple had escalated.  He set-up a private download area on his BBS where I was allowed to download a few of the pictures.  Where up until now, I never really doubted any of his stories, I had never actually seen any proof of his activities either.  Now, I had just downloaded a picture of the wife of this young guy bent over the same couch, totally nude, and Vern standing there with nothing but a t-shirt on, his huge dick buried in her.  A second picture had the young airman performing oral on the first few inches of Vern's massive dick.  I wanted so bad to meet this couple!

Over time, I would eventually see more pictures of this couple with Vern.  I do know that Jo Ann was aware of the relationship but not sure if that was why the two of them went their separate ways.  Back then, in the mid-90's, I know that Vern had already had several heart attacks, he may have passed by now.  We lost touch when he moved out of state, but not before the incident I have written about before, involving him and a different lady asking me to video tape their sex ssession.   I suspect Jo Ann may still be around the area, but I never have seen her pop up on any of the sex blogs I read.  She has to be in her mid to late 70's.

As I find myself approaching 50 and communicating more openly with the young people I work with, I can't help but think back to good ol' Vern.  I don't share the massive schlong that guy had, but the comparison is not lost on me when I tell an old war story about some sex act to younger military guys and they are amazed at the things I have done.  I have never thought of myself as a stud by any means, and frankly, there are so many sexual experiences I crave to achieve, but I've had my share of excitement.  I wonder sometimes if a younger couple might find it entertaining to share the company of an old guy like me?

I've had this recurring fantasy (among others) for a while now.  It manifests itself in different ways.  Sometimes, it is a younger co-worker and his wife - Co-worker E for example.  Other times, it will be a couple I see in public at the grocery store or a restaurant.  In my mind, never even contemplating it for real, for a moment, I had thought of a Craig's List ad where I offer to a$$ist a young couple (I think that is CL speak for offering money).  I imagine any number of scenarios but they all seem to end up with me performing oral on the young wife either while her husband is fucking her or just after he has completed his deed.  I imagine a young Dom wife ordering her submissive husband to blow me or maybe the other way around.  Maybe it is a wife eager to see her husband involved in male to male contact.  There are endless versions of this in my mind.

I'll never know the real extent of Vern's relationship with that young couple, and I have no idea what happened to them. Did he stay in the Air Force? Did they stay married?  Did Vern only show me selected pictures that revealed only a portion of the arrangement? Did he pay them?  Unimportant questions really, but they fuel many of my more enjoyable fantasies.  For that, and for the education, I'll never forget that horse hung old guy.


Anonymous said...

A great story, JF.

Well, I hope you'll tell us more of your past experiences... Or maybe I should start reading your blog backward! ;-)

JFBreak said...

Or maybe I should start reading your blog backward!

The archives are your friend! That's one of the first things I do when I find a new blog - I got to the very beginning to find out what is really going on. Honestly though, my blog is so disjointed - a mix of sexual encounters revisited, random thoughts about people I meet, and more often, just thoughts involving my evolving emotional and sexual growth. It ain't for everybody, I know, but I appreciate those of you who visit.

Matt Harvath said...

I think I am going to have to take an afternoon and sift through your archives!!!