Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sharing or Bragging...

My Co-worker Rick who if you recall, has been no stranger to many details of my personal life for close to 20 years now.  The man has been nude in my bed with his dick buried in my wife and of course, is aware of a large percentage of the details involving our other threesome activities back when we were active in that game.  As the story goes, an ill fated attempt by me to finger my wife as he was fucking her turned his mood south.

In all honesty, I miss-read him.  He is one of those very metro-sexual guys (if that is still a term in use today) that, by all indicators, 90 percent of the population would assume he was gay.  I know, that is wrong of 90 percent of us, and in his case, turns out Rick is extremely homophobic, or at minimum, he is extremely opposed to me touching his dick.

One of the fantasies explored in the Hotwife/Cuckold scene is the husband guiding the other man's dick into his wife.  There is something symbolic about it, I suppose.  That wasn't my intent though.  I wanted to touch his dick because I was hoping he would be responsive and in the end, I was hoping  he might be open for some bi action.

It has been years since this incident.  I am not fully sure of what he perceives my sexual situation as, and frankly, I don't intend to open up to him regarding my bi interests, since it won't lead to anything.

Recently, for whatever reason, he has begun sending me pictures of various women he meets on Plenty of Fish.  Honestly, none of them are impressive but I certainly like their healthy sexual attitudes about sending pics and movies of themselves.  I'm not going to post any here, obviously, but it does make me wonder why he is suddenly sharing all these photos with me. Is he trying to repay the fact that years ago he got to have sex with my wife?  Or is he just bragging that he can get these women to send pictures of themselves  playing with their boobs or fingering themselves in the shower?    

It will be interesting to see how much he shares.  He brags about one of these ladies and her love of BJs and her skill at it.  I've asked him to send me the video of her in action, but his concern seems to be that his dick is in the video.  As if I haven't seen it before.  Still homophobic.


Nate Oman said...

I have no idea what Rick's problem is, but I do know that if I ever had the opportunity, I would love for you to guide my dick into your wife's cunt. Not that I want to fuck your wife, but I would certainly enjoy the interaction with you. I am clearly more interested in you than I am in her.

Octavia said...

Without knowing more about him, it's hard to say if Rick's bragging or not. My knee-jerk reaction is that he is, even if he doesn't realize it. But the view from the cheap seats is always a bit muddled.

Great post,

CuriousRob said...

I'd love for my first bi experience to be with you and your wife! Of course I bravely and brazenly say that knowing you're more than half the country away from me. But still...

I'd say Rick is bragging. I know I am if I send someone pictures or vids. ;)

FreakyV said...

A friend of mine told me he was metrosexual and I told him that is just another name for bi-sexual! lol Maybe he is just too afraid to admit it to himself! lol

I think he is bragging also.

Anonymous said...

screw all this where's your bracket! :)