Sunday, July 21, 2013

Going Down Afterwards...

I wrote not long ago that one of the main reasons I blog anonymously (or at least, under a pen name) is to spare my wife the embarrassment of some the things I might have to say, either about myself or about her.  This post has to do with both of us.

Last night we had awesome sex.

For years I have had this slightly weird (though reading other bloggers, I get that it is not all that uncommon) fetish about the idea of cream pies.  For the uninitiated, a cream pie is a vagina filled with cum.  The idea is, the man goes down on the woman after he or possibly someone else has cum inside her, thereby enjoying the taste of her well lubed pussy, and the male ejaculate.  If you just threw-up a little in your mouth or let out an audible Eeewwww, I totally get it and I apologize for being so descriptive.

Here's the thing.  When I first was learning about heterosexual sex, much of it came from reading stories in Penthouse Forum or from listening tot he other boys who also read Penthouse Forum.  The idea of going down on a woman was of course, mandatory.  In fact, at my young, still a virgin age, I had figured out that real sex involved the guy going down on the woman for some undetermined amount of time, then having intercourse for some undetermined amount of time, and then, once the woman had achieved an orgasm, then the man would cum, and that was the end of it.  One thing was sure, and my colleagues, the other 14 year-olds agreed, you had to go in that order.  Yes, we all learned  that you must always eat the pussy first, then cum, not cum, then eat the pussy.  That would be gay.

My very first time going down on a girl was a less than perfect experience.  The gist of it was, I had this incredible desire to do it, but I just wasn't sure about how she would take it or what to do once I got started.  There had been numerous false starts carried out in the back seat of my Camaro, where I would make it to about her belly button, kissing and loving her tummy and such, and as I fingered her, my mind would be racing with this instinctual urge to just bury my face in my 16 year-old girlfriends soaked pussy.  I never communicated to her that this was my desire, and she never asked me to go there.

Then, during one of our make-out sessions, I just went for it.  After some kissing , boob play, I skipped everything and pulled her panties down in the front and placed my nose directly onto her pubic bone with the intent of letting my mouth and tongue lose their virginity into the world of oral sex.  And the smell hit me!  She said, I wish you had told me you planned on doing that, I just started my period!  But this little delay at least got us talking about it.  Before too long, I was going down on my girlfriend - and all future girlfriends like it was the best thing since sliced bread.

It has been a few years now that I stopped performing oral sex on my wife.  On rare occasions, usually involving some alcohol, I'll go down on her, but for the most part, that is a step skipped.  The reason has to do with some medical issues. The bottom line is, after some female problems in that area, there was a noticeable aroma and I know this is all mental, but I just lost the urge with her.  I know there are a lot of men who freak out about sex after their wife has given birth.  I never had that problem.  I still have the urge to eat pussy - I think about it as often as I think about wanting to suck a cock, and believe me, that is a lot.  But there is just some mental block when it comes to my wife these days.

Unless, of course, some other guy fucked her first.  I still have this urge to go down on my wife after another guy has been with her.  I can't explain it, but many guys totally understand that urge.

The other night while we were having an incredible session involving lots of whispered talk of her previous lovers and discussions of the sizes of their cocks or who was a better kisser or who was rough and such, I had this desire for a cream pie.  I told her that as soon as I was to cum, I wanted her to lift herself onto my face and force me to perform clean-up duty.  This desire was so incredibly strong.  All this talk of guys we had had threesomes with just really got me going into cream pie mode.

And then I came and that split second of orgasm completely shut down that part of the brain.  Like a hundred times before (including when I used to do this same thing with my girlfriend from high school) I lost the urge the split second I came.  And many men know this same exact problem.  It took me years of practice before I would taste my own ejaculate when masturbating. Pre-cum?  Sure, I'll lick that all up, but shooting a load into a shot glass then drinking it. Not likely.  It is like a switch that simply clicks off.

I have never once hesitated to swallow another man's cum, though the few actual blow jobs I have given to completion can be counted on one hand, it wasn't something I needed to work up to.  But in each of these cases, the other guy came first, so there was no loss of desire on my part.  I do not know what would happen if I came first then went down on the other guy.  Likewise, I do know that if I walked into a room and found a buddy blowing his load into my wife, I'd have no qualms whatsoever about immediately going down on her.

I often read about straight couples, no D/s or BDSM involved, where as a matter of routine, the guy will go down on the woman before or after cumming.  It isn't about anything gay or some sort of humiliation thing, it's just lie, big deal, it's cum.  If my girl can blow me and swallow my cum, why would it be bad for me to taste it.  Of course, maybe they were born in a less homophobic time where even the thought of cum touching a guy meant he was gay.  As I approach 50 with my mid-life crisis in full gear, I resent all the opportunities I missed by being freaked out by stupid things.  Cum, especially.

I'm sorry about this post being all over the place - it really didn't even go the direction I had in mind originally, but I would be interested in other folks views on this topic.  Ladies, will your man go down on you after he cums? Guys, am I making a big deal out of it or are you thoroughly creeped out that some guys would even consider a cream pie as an option?


CuriousRob said...

I've told the wife I want to eat her after I cum, but she always says no. She barely tolerates me going down on her when she's fresh out of the shower; she definitely doesn't want me down there when it's "nasty." Before I cum I'm disappointed that she won't let me, but after I cum I'm fine with it. It's still something I want to do, though, so if not with the wife, hopefully with someone else. Soon.

When Brent and I hooked up, I was concerned that if I came first I wouldn't want to continue sucking him. However, when I did cum, after a short period where I almost lost interest, I rallied and went right back to it. So maybe that's the trick if you cum first; take a break and allow yourself a few minutes to get excited again, mentally if not physically.

monkey girl said...

Honestly, maybe when I was younger I wouldn't have been all gung ho for it, but now that I'm about to hit 45, I figure what the fuck. I enjoy oral sex, and if my partner wants to go down on me before or after, what does it really matter? I agree, we have had too many hang-ups that we need to get over. Life is short. We're grown adults, and we certainly aren't doing anything wrong, I say if it turns you on, go for it.

JFBreak said...

@Rob So maybe that's the trick if you cum first; take a break and allow yourself a few minutes to get excited again, mentally if not physically.

Oh, this technique works for sure - if one is motivated. New sex is always motivating. Sex with the same partner after a 1,000 times, not so much!

@MG: I agree, we have had too many hang-ups that we need to get over. Life is short.

Amen to that!

Seeking Connection said...

When I was younger none of this would have been an option, but being older and closer to the grave, new things (all be it only new to me) must be explored.
With a few of my loves having them tell me verbally what they like, or what the want is enogh to take the mind to those places, and build excitment. Also alowing my senses to smell It comes from our very skin, you can smell it on a man, not the cum, even after a shower, you can see it in his eyes. Yum.

It has become my fave thing to taste us both in that moment of changing positions. An aquired taste I am sure, but so whorth it, my mouth waters for it even as I write.

Then the next time you sip some wine......itnwill take you there, the smell of roses the musty most smell of the under side of a mans balls......

JFBreak said...

An acquired taste I am sure, but so worth it, my mouth waters for it even as I write.

Thank you for that. I am following your blog now and have really enjoyed the posts I have read so far.

Seeking Connection said...

My writting in the summer is scatter ed brained, but by the time winter rolls around I will have much more time for fun, and righting. Thank you for reading me, and the comment.

Seeking Connection said...

Writting ;-( see

FreakyV said...

Medical issues and smell.....Vaginitis?

I didn't let Swinger go down on me for over 9 months because I have the fear that I will smell or taste bad.
At the same time I have let others i don't know go down on me. Odd huh. If I am going to let someone go down on me, I have to have a diet of healthy food and fruits for a few days (NO GARLIC, TUNA, COFFEE,anything with a strong smell). I have to have a good shower and if I pee after my shower before sex, I used diaper wipes to clean with to make sure my vagina isn't marinating in urine :)

I hate when I go down on a woman and smell urine!!! Swinger also did not like the taste of a woman he was with lately and I didn't really like her smell in his beard. Made it hard to kiss him. I had went down on her for a small time but she didnt cum during that time so I didn't have to taste or smell much of anything til it was on him. I wanted to diaperwipe her! lol