Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Smooth?

Asshole Smooth.  What does that even mean?  I was sanding a piece of wood for a project I'm working on and as I wiped the sawdust off, I said to myself, "Asshole smooth."  What a blast from the past.

When I was in the 4th through 6th grades, we lived in Ohio and it was the only time we were close enough to my paternal grandparents in Maryland.  We would visit their small north east town not far from the Delaware border, and I had made friends with all the local boys my age.  There were lots of guys ranging in ages a few years below me to a several years above, and they would treat me like one of the gang.

That saying came from the kid I was closest to named Greg.  He lived a few houses up the street from my grandparents and as soon as he would see our car pull in for a visit, he was down the street ready to rekindle our friendship.  There was a gas station at the main intersection of the 2-stop-light town.  Us kids would go down there and watch the mechanics work, and they would put air in the bicycle tires and such.  Greg wanted to paint his bike and this one mechanic told him he would need to sand his bike until it was asshole smooth.  As an adult, I speculate that the guy was taking a leap from, "soft as a baby's bottom" and coming up with this new level of sanding perfection.

I often wonder about that town.  I've stopped having the recurring dream about the place though even now I can imagine the streets, the houses and the little small town shops.  I have very vivid recollections of the times we kids would all show each other our dicks, or form a train from youngest to oldest with the first little kid sticking his dick between the ass-cheeks of the next older kid who had his dick in the ass cheeks of the next older, and so on until there was eight or nine of us standing behind a barn with our pants at our ankles, little boners poking firmly into the innocent butts of our friends.  Certainly nothing gay about that, right?  It just makes me wonder how homophobic any of those guys have turned out in adulthood.

In spite of the erections and the excitement, I'm not so sure it was even sexual.  Just a fun game to play on a summer day before heading off to explore a creek and look at one anothers dicks.

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