Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Best Video Ever...

I've made reference to this video before.  I think of it as "The best video ever" when it comes to my fascination with the whole Hotwife theme.  If you don't want to click the link and watch it, I'll give a brief description.

A wife, at least 50 years old is my guess, but very attractive shows up at a door.  She is clearly a little shy, embarrassed and feeling a bit timid. The person holding the camera is a man, we find out who is pant-less and has an erection.  He asks her about this special day.  She is quiet but mumbles that it is a birthday.  Her birthday the man asks?  No, it is her husbands birthday.  The wife takes to her knees and timidly begins to suck the cock.  On the screen for only a split second, there is a birthday cake which has the words, Happy Birthday, Bob! written on it. The guy filming then says, it's your husband's birthday, but I'm the one getting sex.

This is really all you need to know about the video to understand that, for a guy like me, receiving a video with this content would be an erection inducing gift that would get played over and over again.  But, I'd like a slightly different opening.

In my version, the wife starts the video as she is sitting in her car in front of the friends house.  She is talking into the camera, "I really hope this is what you wanted.  You've told me over and over to do it, so I really hope it isn't a mistake.  You said you wanted me to fuck your friend, so I hope it wasn't just a fantasy."

Next, we see the front door opening, and the friend is standing there.  Now he talks into the camera as the wife walks in the door.  "Hey Bob, I just need you to know up front, your wife said this is what you want so you know, I'm doing this because I understand you are good with it.  Of course, I've never hidden the fact that I'd give anything to fuck her, so I guess we're both getting what we want."

Then the scene picks up with the friend filming.  When she first sees the guys dick, she looks at it and says, "Bob, it is huge!  He has to be a full inch longer than you and so much fatter around.  I'm not sure I can handle him, but I'll try."

It shouldn't be fake, porno dialogue, but I would want at least some talking into the camera reminding "Bob" that the video is being made for him, but that isn't stopping these two from having a great time.

Certainly, even if you aren't into the whole HW/Cuck thing, you could see how this video could be very, very hot for a husband receiving it (assuming he is into it).   If you have any links to videos with a similar theme, I'd love to take a look!  I also love the one's where it is the so-called break-up video.  The lady says, I'm leaving you then proceeds to video herself fucking the new guy.  I know, not for everyone.


luvinfunnc said...
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Roger W. said...

I agree that it would be hot for the husband to receive this video, but I don't think this is by any means the hottest of hotwife videos. The scene at the end where the cum drips out of her and he tries to push it back in her and she puts on her panties to keep it there for hubby to enjoy later (I assume.) is hot, but I wouldn't call this the hottest by any means. Just my opinion. Then again I never met a hotwife video I didn't like. :) Thanks for sharing. Haven't seen this before.

JFBreak said...

@RogerW: Share, my friend! Send a link or two.

Same sassy girl said...

Not the best ever, but I see why you think so! It also has all the hallmarks of "what Sassy likes" - real looking people, a story, a man and a woman, being nice to each other, lets me hear the sounds they're making... yum! Definitely gave me a tingle! Thanks!