Thursday, February 20, 2014

Co-Worker Update...

There is no update - that is the short answer.

I was standing in the office next to mine yesterday when Co-Worker H walked by.  He saw I was in mid conversation but gave me that pouty look on his face that says, I need your dick in my mouth - please!

I realized at that moment that I've had several opportunities to meet with him since our schedules slowed down, but in fact, I was avoiding opportunities. I think in part because I'm interested in a few other prospects, but also because, I don't want this to be a daily thing.  I want our hook-ups to be few and far between.

The other prospects are younger guys.  Military guys that have been slowly easing out of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell mode into, the I might tell if you ask mode.

Co-Worker E told me, because he is an honest and open guy, that I scared the shit out of the one guy I confronted about his and his girlfriends FMF threesomes.  He pointed out to guys in their 20's, I'm an old dude.  Come to think of it, I recall thinking of 40 and 50 year-olds as being old when I was in my 20's too.  So when I asked E about this one particular young guy (mid 20's, divorced already, ready to just bust out of the closet), he told me point blank I'd be wasting my time because I was too old for him.  And this is the challenge I suppose.  I guess I want to be that older brother figure who will suck your dick just because.  (No, for the record, I never had an older brother suck my dick.)

So I know some of you crave the Co-Worker updates, but the truth is, things have toned down, though honestly, at the wink of an eye, I could be locked in an office with my pants around my knees and H latched on to my junk. Perhaps he's my older brother figure who will suck a dick, just because.

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CuriousRob said...

More and more I think, as much as I like my current job, I need to work where you work!