Friday, April 18, 2014

Co-Worker Report: Relief...

I posted recently about feeling a little guilty about my dodging Co-Worker H and his ongoing desire to meet for quick BJ sessions.  Honestly people, could I be more of an asshole?  I corner this guy into admitting that he is Bi, I suck his dick to get my own jollies off, then find out that he is the one who truly craves my cock, and suddenly, I'm no longer that interested?  I'm a dick.

Okay, to be clear, it isn't like we aren't both busy, but how long does a BJ take?  If it is my wife administering it; a while.  But I have found that if you are into it, a BJ can happen just as quick as a guy can jack off.  Today being a Friday, things were actually pretty slow and a lot of people were out of the office.  H caught me going into one of my private meeting rooms to do some work and when he joined me, it was all business.   We chatted for at least 3 or 4 minutes of work related topics before he walked over to where I was seated and grabbed my dick through my casual Friday jeans.

I need to see your dick. He said.

I unzipped my jeans and commented that it was smaller than normal - joking at the fact that I was pretty much shriveled up like a kid in a pool.  He tugged on my tiny, flaccid wiener for a few seconds until I began to spring to life.  It's not that small anymore, he joked as things got bigger.

H went down on me and I wondered if this would just be a few quick sucks and we'd be done.  But then he lifted his head and with no notice leaned up and kissed me.  I actually liked the fact that we were kissing again.

He went down again and my dick became erect.  Okay, I thought to myself, this is happening and this is good.

The room I work out of occasionally is protected by a cipher lock.  Only a few people know the combo, but the lady who works for me next door certainly does.  She can hear the loud door slam shut when I go into the room and often, this will prompt her to come in to see what I'm working on.  Not all the time, but often.  As H continued to suck my dick, I was certainly worried that this lady might come in.  Of course, I know that I would hear the sound of her door open, then I would hear the sound of her punching in the combo to my door.  In total, this is about a 2 or 3 second notice to get my dick out of H's mouth and back into my pants, then to restart our conversation without looking shocked or disturbed by an intruder.

For the first minute or two, these door opening scenarios played through my mind.  And then I leaned back in the chair, shut my eyes and as quietly as I could began to whisper stupid things like, Oh yeah.  Oh my, Oh God, and my favorite, You are an incredible cocksucker.

H took his mouth off my dick and looked up at me.  I love your cock.  I could do this every day if you'd let me.

What is wrong with me? I thought to myself.

He jacked my dick for several strokes before going down on me again.  I continued my verbal whisper campaign letting him know how good he was.  Then like a scene from a comedy, my left leg began to cramp up in a bad way.  For a full minute as H sucked my cock, I was in sever pain and I was so tempted to simply call it quits.  My mind was coming up with excuses and I stared to lose interest in the BJ.  But then he lifted up and began to jack me again.

The room I work out of from time to time is extremely cold.  In fact, I have had to leave and go have a coffee to warm up from time to time.  But now, the wetness of my dick in the cold air and H's fist jacking me caused a second stir of energy.  Fuck this cramp.

I wiggled in the chair a bit to work out my hip to leg bone connection and H pressed on with his magic mouth.  One more time he lifted up, looked at me and yammered on some words that I simply didn't comprehend and he stroked me until I said, Here we go...

He finished me off and I never saw a drop of my cum, in spite of the fact that I kept cumming for 5 or 10 seconds.   I had just fucked my wife last night and yet I had produced a mouth full of cum for H and the man just swallowed it the same way I would have if I had been blowing him.

He continued to suck me until I had to make the internationally accepted signal for "get off my dick" by twerking my pelvis.  He stood up and smiled as I regained my composure, then kissed me again before unzipping his own zipper.

Your dick is so big, I said to him as I took the flaccid pecker into my mouth and sucked with a special tongue swirl I'm trying to develop.  I gave him a good minute before I let go and he zipped his dick back into his pants.

What were we talking about? H asked.

No idea.  I responded with a smile.

And then we talked about work for another 10 minutes until my girl from next door came in to see if there was anything she could help with.

Minds out of the gutter guys.  That would be sexual harassment.  H left and my girl went back to her office and I spent the next 10 or 15 minutes collecting myself.


Al said...

I want to work in your office. H and I would be good buddies

Red Ex said...

Great story. How come I don't have encounters like this in my office. Where do you work again? :) You are a very lucky man. I love reading your stories.

Not related to your tale, I have something I can share. I know you will enjoy this.

I have an old gf of mine in another state, which I'll be visiting in a few months, write me out of the blue and ask me if I'd be interested in a threesome with her and a guy she is seeing. BTW, she is married and so am I. Both of us have lovers on the side.

Well, she knows I'm coming for a visit in a few months and we planned on hooking up while I'm there. We've never been part of a threesome before although I have fantasized about it with her. So out of the blue she writes me and asks if I'd be up for a threesome with this guy she is seeing and would it be okay if the guy sucked my cock. And I said only if he is okay with me sucking his. Now it's become let's see how many combinations and positions the three of us can get into as couples and all together.

Anyway, Happy Easter. As always. Thanks for sharing.

JFBreak said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

@RedEx: You are right - that is hot. I'm convinced these sort of things happen so much more oftn than society realizes. Your neighbors and your co-workers and your old girlfriends are probably all a little freaky, and we are just too ashamed to realize it. Good for you - and details once it happens, please!